Amir too is on blog :)

hey heard this, I dont know how many of you will be interested but the latest to be blog bitten is Amir Khan yes our very own Tom Cruise of Bollywood (I am not sure if we have consensus!) at least thats what a few of my blog friends say about amir.

And here is what the news website IBNLIVE.COM says:

Question on the blog: Shouldn’t some acknowledgment be made to the fact that Ghajini is inspired from Memento then?

Aamir’s reply: I did not like Memento. Why Memento did not work for me is that it left me confused. By the end of the film I had no idea who had killed the hero’s wife? Had she been killed at all? Had he killed his own wife? Did he finally get the guy who killed his wife? Was he still searching? Did he have a wife at all?

Well, it’s a pity that Aamir couldn’t understand Memento because millions did and enjoyed it immensely.

As for saying Murgadoss didn’t watch Memento before he wrote Ghajini, who is Aamir fooling? Or is he also going to say that his cousin and director Mansoor Khan didn’t watch Kramer vs Kramer before writing Akele Hum Akele Tum?

Look at what some of the bloggers comments were :

The First reaction:

re: [Non-techie] Aamir Khan starts blogging?

LOL…this is just like the Tom Cruise Blog…except the fact that the guy posting it isn’t as creative as the one posting Tom Cruise Blog.

I think he has a couple of others too coz, I also came across the mangal pandey blog in Amir’s name. Might be thats just a promo and no genuine amir blogging. Cant say actually! ?

Then there is this Rang De Basanti

6 thoughts on “Amir too is on blog :)

  1. i’ll still stick to your thorough journalism about india! keep up the good work, much informative and enjoyable!

  2. ofcourse surely someone must be….. but gud that atleast Indian celebrities have come of age, n using technology.

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