Work getting nowhere !

This is a moblog…..

Its been a while, since I had a peaceful sleep.The docun the short film are taking me nowhere. Seems like its forever, the script unfortunately is halfway and now Iam at the editing table for the past 3 days. We are getting nowhere. I have little time coz, there is my project presentation comming up by mid of august. My concern is just that community development NGOs like Seva bharathi, work at grassroot level and they dont portray their work. Its people like me that do it. Not coz they are the best but coz the portrayal inspires more of us to help our fellow humanbeings. Some how I hate Multi national macro NGOsthe only justification I can offer is, they waste lots of resources on salaries and cozy environs n ambience when people down there have no access to drinking water or rather water.
oooof I know I have strayed away…. catch u later

8 thoughts on “Work getting nowhere !

  1. Lori

    Veeru? May I ask what your documentary film is about? I ask, because I have a wonderful friend(he is like a brother to me) is also a filmmaker, often working with NGOs and rural programs. I would be very interested to know of your work…

  2. -=|ßë¢k|-|ä(/)|=-

    Gudd stuff Veeru….you are working for good cause!!!

    When i was working in that TV channel….I also had the simillar problem once….I could not find any editor for the show next morning, spoke with some of my friends….and one of them spent whole night editing the show for the morning telecast. It was superb. I think you can do it on time. Good luck.

  3. Veeru వీరు

    Hey its about community development and perspectives. As well as I am trying to make them a promo sort of film so that they can showcase to their donors.


    Paaji thank you and its been pleasure in this pressure, BTW it would be nice to learn of your TV experiences and broadcast adventures. Thank you

  4. LHC Defence

    Hi Do you have any help in the community there from groups like World Vision? In Australia they are always asking people to sponsor children overseas.Cheers, Peace

  5. Lori

    Very interesting, Veeru. I am in the beginning stages of a sustainable development project, in Uttarakhand, and would be very interested to learn more of the work you have done.

  6. Veeru వీరు

    As I mentioned in the post I dont work with and neither do I encourage huge NGOs just for the reason that they spend huge amounts as overheads in the name of publicity / the salaries or posh interiors and offices. World vision works in certain segments of the country but I did not find any in the areas that I have worked with other NGOs or community development agencies.

    Great to know that u r on a very inspiring (for me atleast) sustainable development project and Uttarakhand is one place that needs such a project. And to be frank I work as a volunteer and not at the grassroot I utilise my knowledge of computers and blogs to promote their activities which they cannot do. I actually help them spread their good work through online and personal word of mouth. Thank you and feel free to ask anything that I can do in my capacity and hope to read more of that project.

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