gruesome killings by the state police

The bodies of CPI (M) activists killed in police firing at Mudigoda Village of Khammam District of Andhra Pradesh on Saturday . The activists were demonstrating during the statewide bandh called up opposition parties as a part of their ‘Bhoo Pooratam’ struggle. At least 6 people died on the spot in this protest.

Police firing kills eight  in AP

It was around 3 p.m. and I came home after a grilling day and srikanth’s (my friend) dad welcomed with a smile and soon asked oh you got the news you journalists you smell them don’t you ? I was puzzled infact the TV was running and I tried to catch what he was upto. when the TV started rolling pictures of gun exchange GOD is it another attack on the parliament ? or is it this time on some religious place ? No it seems like a small village in Rural Andhra Pradesh Mudigonda, Khammam district and its an exchange between the police and the protesting poor. The poor people are up to sloganeering and the situation went out of hands and the police were pelted with stones and they started firing. A total 8 people died in the incident and related.

It is not without a background for the current situation . The CPM, CPI, (the left parties) have been demanding distribution of govt land and lands that are idle and without any use to the poor and landless also they are demanding eviction of large scale lands that were either occupied or otherwise of lands from the rich. Its been two months and what started as a small protest has turned into a mass movement and yesterday took a violent turn in which people were killed.

Its terrible and merciless killing of poor and innocent people by the police. Even after the firing orders are given no police is expected to shoot at the protesters above the hip. But as I saw on TV all of them were shot above the hip and some were shot in the hands and on the temple.

The protesters began pelting stones at the police after Mudigonda circle inspector Surender Reddy pushed local CPM leader Bandi Ramesh. The police first resorted to lathicharge and later hid behind the parked lorries and started firing at the protesters.

The dead included a woman, a student and a lorry driver. Of the injured, the condition of three was said to be serious. In all, 70 rounds of ammunition were fired. (Times of India online)

It could turn costly for the already loose tounged Chief minister coz the fella has been wagging his toungue more than anything on the opposition instead of keeping his cool. Recently one of his collegues warned the opposition leaders that he will cut the hands of the leader who pointed them to him. And thanks to Mr Rajasekhar Reddy the Chief minister today the splintered opposition is all together which was near imposibility earlier. His actions and comments provoked all of them to come on to one platform though not formally. The C.M. has not even spared the media and started raiding those that wrote against him.

The killings can have far reaching implications as the federal govt is a coalation one with even the left supporting the congress from outside at the centre. Its a shock that the govt has decided to kill rather than talk while the whole of the opposition goes on a protest and agitation mode.

9 thoughts on “gruesome killings by the state police

  1. MUNNA:
    Cant really help. Look at the Nandigram and then the gangavaram port shootout at innocent people and now its the pathetic Mudigonda shoot out. Where are we and where is the country heading ? IS there something called a govt, if yes is it democratic ? Its pathetic state of affairs

  2. Those poor people. It is disturbing to see humans laying down in the streets, dead and harmed. Prayers for your nation, always. ~A~

  3. STORM:
    I know and it was gruesome watching the police behave like that on TV live. Never have I seen such things except the fact that Hitler used to behave like that. Thanks and pray for the leaders for they know not they are sinning. lets help them get out of this mess. Only prayers can or should we stand up and shout at them …

  4. Events such as this occurred to my Native (American) Indian people in the 1800’s. There were no video cameras, only still cameras (box cameras). Some of the places were Sand Creek, Wounded Knee and many others. There are not many of my Mother’s people remaining. Women, children and the old or infirm were gunned down mercilessly. Yes there were acts of unthinkable terrorism on American soil before 9/11. ~A~

  5. STORM:
    I read about that but can there be some post on that as well on ur blog. Its shame on humanity when such things occur.

    Yeah pray for them

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