Is Yahoo closing down 360

mmm… Thats what I heard from a couple of online friends and then a couple of online news sources. I read this on some news website (I am pathetic remembering and recollecting things) a week ago and then today I heard it from Suzygirl ( and then when I took it seriously (did I ?) I googled to find these things and a lot more so you decide what you do with your Y!360.

Going by the yahoo style it always springs surprises or shocks its users like when it has done with the Yahoo photos where it wants all its users to migrate from photos to any photosharing site. (Thank god they have atleast provided some alternative.) And going by the news doing rounds Yahoo has already has a social networking site up and running but only for its corporate users. Will it allow shifting of all that content, feelings, experiences on 360 to shift as it is to MOSH or whatever (Who cares except for my content) ?

Eitherway its interesting and will have to wait and see how developments at yahoo will affect the online blogging community especially Y! 360 users like us here. If at all Yahoo decides to close down 360 it will be some sort of pain for me in particular. Two years of party would come to an end… or will there be an alternative well have to wait and see.

(I use mozilla mine field and I dont know whats wrong with it but it doesnt allow any hyperlinks, either it erases the word that I want to assign the link to or it simply ignores so bear with me!)

TECH CRUNCH says : (

Here’s a juicy tip – we’ve been hearing about a new Yahoo social network initiative called Mosh, which is at but can only be accessed from inside the Yahoo offices. If you happen to be using the guest wifi at Yahoo, you should be able to access the site, although this may be shut down soon.

It’s likely this would replace Yahoo’s 360 social network service, which has never really gotten traction. The existence of Yahoo Mosh also most likely puts a bullet in any further speculation that they are in acquisition talks with Bebo, a somewhat unsubstantiated rumor from May. Last year Yahoo made a serious effort at acquiring Facebook but the deal was never closed.

The screenshot in the pic is from the same site Techcrunch (

Redherrings says Yahoo is roumoured to have developing a new Social networking site (

Yahoo has also been attempting to boost its social-networking stance. While it has popular photo-sharing site Flickr, it has been repeatedly rumored that Yahoo could be interested in acquiring Facebook, and more recently Bebo. Yahoo is also now rumored to be developing a new social-networking service to replace its Yahoo 360, which hasn’t had success.

A columnist on ZDnet says: (

Steve Gillmor riffs on my post about Yahoo’s lack of a social networking hub, where I state: “Yahoo is about making connections, but right now its more of loose federation of Web applications and services–many spokes without a strong hub to hold together a social Web. Yahoo 360 has been a failure as a social network. There is no ‘YFace.’

Pronet Advertising says both Google and Yahoo are not serious and have now woken up to some hard realities in Social networking (

Yahoo, on the other hand, is said to be working on a new service dubbed “Mosh“. Few details are known about the project other than it is a likely replacement for they failed Yahoo 360 project. Yahoo has many assets (Flickr, MyBlogLog come to mind) and if leveraged properly and integrated into Mosh, the site would have more than a fighting chance.

And last but not the least though this is in no way related to 360 and yahoo I felt I should share it here.

Xu Jinglei
Miss Xu: cats and TV have made her an internet star

A 33year old young chinese actress is the worlds favourite blogger. Here is the blog for you if you are excited but hold on its in Chinese so get a crash course in Chinese before you even think of visiting it.


Even so, she has attracted a huge following and has become the first blogger to boast 100 million hits. Says the TELEGRAPH

Chinese actress-turned-director Xu Jinglei became the world’s most widely read blogger this month when her blog logged 100 million page views within about 600 days, the Beijing News said on Thursday says the Reuters.

UPDATED 29th July 2007 11:42 PM IST
See this picture courtesy :valley wag ( and now you can figure out where exactly Yahoo 360 stands in the online Social networking world. The next pic is the footprint or presence of the networking sites.

14 thoughts on “Is Yahoo closing down 360

  1. OH! *glub* Yahoo needs “something” I don’t know what! But today I opened my page on MySpace up again. My 360 DIED, dood! RIP

  2. Iam crossing my fingers right now, but as the saying goes anything that goes up has to go down 😦

  3. I have also got a page at myspace with most of my earlier blogs. I stopped backing up after some time. Maybe I will have to do it again. But if Yahoo 360 closes, I for one am going to miss it terribly!!

  4. Shail:
    Well I cant say 100% but all I can say and as u can c for urself yahoo is gud at springing surprises and to the awe of its users. I 2 shall miss it, n all of u friends

  5. I followed and read many of the links. The only thing to do if you want to save your blogs is to start NOW and put them on cd’s. Saving them off the network will be your safety net, I suspect. Most of us have put a lot of heart and soul into our blogging. It’s a shame! =((

  6. That’s what I’m doing. Saving it to a CD.

    Interesting reactions from folks though…some head in the sand people and others are mad. Does the messenger get shot?

  7. HEy Storm:
    Thats right but we also have to find some way out and make things easier for ourselves rather than waiting. There seems to be some way out for blogger and wordpress users if they ever want to back up all the posts (not sure though) we will also have to figure out f there is a way out for us too.

  8. SuZyGirl:
    Yeah even Iam following the reactions. How are u doing that each post copy paste or is there a way out ?

  9. thats crazy Veeru…but i have been hearing this forever..that they were going to stop 360…i also have myspace..i better start inviting my friends now…beleive it or not..i have made alot of new friends in here..i hope they dont close 360…but there is alot of people that r complaining…i guess i always take everything in strive..per-se..i dont get on my page or messenger..i just try later..and just keep trying..never complain..i guess coz i am so grateful to have this…keep in touch with friends…well its something think about…hmmmmmmmm…

  10. MALAK:
    Thats a rather nice trait, unless someone climbs up ur shoulders and rides you. 🙂 kidding:) Glad to know ur a never complain being. Look at my blog full of complaints arent’t they

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