abandoned and into safe hands

Resi dents of Prabathnagar in Saroornagar police limits on Saturday found a day-old baby girl abandoned in a garbage bin. Police said the infant was wrapped in a polythene cover. “Locals heard the cries of the baby at 5.00 am on Saturday and on searching the area found the baby wrapped in a polythene cover. They rushed the infant for treatment to a private hospital nearby,”

4 thoughts on “abandoned and into safe hands

  1. ohhhhhhhhh my brother i want her…she so precious…goshhhhh…you know that in the USA..that if a women wants to get rid of her baby..she can place the baby in a hospital..firestation…etc..and she will not be charged for abandoment..so many children were being thrown away..per-se…and this is the law of thumb per-se…its so sad..there are so many people that can not have children that would love to have a baby..its just a sad world now..my brother…

  2. MALAK:
    There were 255 childless parents that reached the authorities, but as you know the autorities are so stupid they have their own world of rules and dusted rulebooks and not humaneness or atleast welfare.

  3. LORI:
    The later reports from friends reveal the Govt has taken posession of the baby and hasnt given her for adoption as “Stupid rule” dont allow them. An approximate 19 applications were found with the Sishu bhavan for adoptions the only legally permitted agency for adoption that too run by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh.

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