floods in South asia

An villager uses a raft to reach a drinking water pump in Guwahati yesterday

God have you seen those people millions of them affected a conservative estimate puts just over 6 million people affected by floods in one eastern state of Bihar in India. Its actually neither live nor dead its a feeling of being somewhere in the middle. Should we do something about them but what do we do ? I am perplexed, sad and worrying about those affected by floods. The rich the poor and everybody, the men, the women, the children all of them.
And what is amazing and frustrating at the same time is the head of a state govt Mr Nitish Kumar of Bihar is camping in Bihar to rake in investments. Bull shit! I am sorry but thats how i feel.

Millions of your people who have voted you to power are suffering and you sit in some obscure place to just dream about some future investments. I am like what the hell is going on ? Look at the people they are stranded without food, safe drinking water. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink. IS tehre some hope ? Iam sorry to say but where ? Just not the right things to do ! Not just Bihar, be it Bangladesh, China, Nepal the whole of the subcontinent seems to be drowning in the flood waters.

Some relief was when I read this piece from a newspaper which says “It is neither the gods nor the government but technology – namely Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) and cell phones – that hundreds of rural people marooned by the floods in Bihar are thanking.” Isn’t it wonderful that technology is atlast of some use when people really need it.

Thankfully “At least a dozen households in every village have cell phones – thanks to the presence of major telecom operators like BSNL, Reliance, Tata Indicom and AirTel – while at least two to three families have WLLs, which use solar batteries and are therefore easy to charge.”
Iam smiling atleast for this one reason …..

—Photo: Ranjeet Kumar

Women of Gangatibisunpur of Muzaffarpur district in Bihar wade through waters on Wednesday. (Courtesy The hindu)

The Hindu:

Patna, Aug. 1 (PTI): Nearly 45 lakh people in Bihar are reeling under the impact of floods as the overall situation showed signs of let-up yesterday, with the level of most rivers receding to pave the way for intensifying relief operations.

The Gulf Daily Times:

More than a third of Bangladesh, a low-lying delta nation of 145 million people, has been inundated by floods, the Food and Disaster Management Ministry said. More than five million people have either been marooned or displaced in the country’s hardest-hit northern region.


In the northeastern state of Assam, thousands of displaced people are staying in makeshift shelters under tarpaulin sheets by the side of roads, on bridges and in government buildings.

Torrential rains triggered flash floods that killed 21 people more in China’s central Henan province, in what is fast becoming one of the deadliest wet seasons on record, state press said yesterday.
Incessant rains over the past week have also triggered landslides in the neighboring Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan and bridges have been washed away disrupting road networks in many parts of the country, authorities said.

In Nepal, authorities have alerted people against the outbreak of water-borne diseases following the rains that have disrupted road and air travel, washed away homes, cut off power supplies and inundated thousands of hectares of crops.

— Photo: Ranjeet Kumar

Flood havoc: Residents of a colony use a boat for transport in waterlogged Patna on Friday.(Photo courtesy: the Hindu)

6 thoughts on “floods in South asia

  1. i am at facebook

    aw Veeru. Im so sorry this has happened. it looks like Katrina and the same anger was felt for Bush by New Orleans inhabitants.

  2. LHC Defence

    Are there any agencies helping at ground level there now? Is the Red Cross Active or any local groups? Maybe you can put a link to where people can donate to help? What about the red cross? Cheers, Peace

  3. alfred

    humidity will be a growing problem in these regions in future. what is the government doing for protection; like building dams and canals..?

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