The weather has been pleasant

Hey its birthday to my friend sreekanth, happy birthday buddy. May u have a million smiles and may u escape cooking and ooof beatings from suguna ur love. wow wasnt that u who said its pleasure to be beaten by ones love ? May be you r right ?

It was a wonderful simple but enjoyable trip with shiva around the countryside. Was amazed by the beauty n bonty of Indian folklore, the love of peasants and ofcourse the rough lovely ride. On the way was this 12 year girl dancing in the half filled watr storage tank, the expressions of freedom, liberty, breaking out of the shackles is immemorable. Then this small cup of tea at a roadside restraunt when i was sort of dead tired is worth a million dollars. The drizzle in the middle of a halfway trek to the open green fields, the dark cloudy sky roaring but still sprinkling cold droplets of love and there was ofcourse the ever interesting company of shiva, shashibhushan, rajesh, venkatesh n the motu (fat) maamu, (uncle) who cracked jokes on gods n earned the wrath of shashi.

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