Do you know ?

This is one more statistical gimmick here with the stattus of muslims in India always shown pathetic to just gain some votes.
The sachar committees and the shahbano cases and the gudias all just to garner votes on Islam. Here is what is good news and cheering too.

Truth be told, at the national level, Hindus and Muslims are closer than you thought as far as average household income, expenditure, savings and even ownership of select consumer goods go.
In fact, in rural India, the gap between the two communities’ narrows appreciably and even reverses in some cases in favour of Muslims.
Says the latest report a statistical combination of facts by the govt of India. Politics apart which is wonderful. Iam not saying theres no poverty among them but its true that its not just as much as being made out.

National Council of Applied Economic Research’s (NCAER) data analysis from its National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure (2004- 05), which was led by senior fellow Rajesh Shukla.

If you thought Muslims alone were steeped in poverty, read on. Hindus and Muslims, at a national level, run neck-and-neck on average annual household income (AHI) of Rs 61, 423 and Rs 58,420, respectively.
Or, to put it differently, an average Hindu household has an income of Rs 168 per day, while an average Muslim household earns Rs 160 a day. In rural India, an average Hindu AHI is Rs 49,077 with Muslim close behind with AHI of Rs 47,805. On income parameters, at least, Hindus and Muslims are, indeed, bhai-bhai.
Marketers planning an ethnographic pitch to grab mindshare or policy makers preparing ground for affirmative action may do good to remember that an average Muslim household, at the national level, spends more than a Hindu one, with annual household routine expenditure (AHRE) at Rs 40,327 compared to Rs 40,009 for the latter.

That is good news for me and good news for all the Indian muslims to realise and become independent but not under anybodys influence.

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