A rare n memorable reunion

This is a moblog like the earlier three.

It was a pleasant call from one of my graduation friends that pushed me back into the memorable nostalgia.
It was around 5.15 pm when i recieved a call from my graduation buddy krishna mohan, i was amused n on cloud 9 . This was one of those moments that was thrilling as well as totally and completely lost. Kittu asked if we could have a get together. This is like 3 years later after we met in a friends wedding. It was in kirans wedding that we met, that too was after 6 years after graduation. It was fun n we had a blast.

We met today at kirans place, now he has a son 2 month baby. kiran n i were benchmates used to sit together n fight that was sweet childish skirmishes. I still remember the first time ever i bunked college to watch Dilwallah dulhaniya Lejayengey. We were caught red handed and questioned red faced in the class, when the lecturer asked me Hey buddy so hows kajol ? Those were the days sweet, painful but memorable. Then there is this fella koti a painter who painted beautiful erotic images of women passionate, lusty and amazng. He was like one guy who stripped down before the principal just to annoy him. Cant believe he is a fine arts student now n still doing the same things. Then there is lakshmi no dont get me wrong its he, n i wasnt ready for a girl friend yet. He was one guy who would ride a bicycle all along 7 kms with one book and ofcourse a lunch box. Always open for a crak of hillarious joke. We just had a 5 hour chat across the dinner table.

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