Sudarshan kriya


For over a week now, not going by by my unscheduled schedules I have tried to do my Sudarshan kriya. It feels good n light stress free through out the day. The kriya as it is known is a yogic exercise involving breath. The pranayam family into which it belongs is highlighted after gurus like sri sri ravishankar the enlightened master realised it in his meditation. The yoga as a concept has been around for 1000’s of years in this part of the planet. Now it is a global phenomenon. The pathanjali yoga is considered a standard among the science of yoga.

After my journalism stint at the journalism school of art of living, where i was introduced to the kriya i feel good and free. It was francois gautier, our dean n the french journalist in India who actually forced me into this kriya. Then there is jay who keeps pushing me on this.

Initially I was sceptical n felt it another publicity stunt of miracle curing like the benny hin or the joyce but soon it turned out to be practical, rational n scientific. Several universities n scientific institutions conducting research as well as studies.
It is an amazing thing that i am doing something so reggular n for myself.

By the way today marks 65 years of the QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT that has been the last punch for imperial rule in India…

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