macho putin


Isn’t it proud to watch ur 54 year president bare his chest and look like an Arnold Schwarzenegger ? Man that was wonderful to see the pictures of Vladimir putin. The photograph of Vladimir Putin baring his muscles has set off a debate in several circles. The Russian President, a black belt in judo, attributes his fitness to sports activities.

Last week, in fact, when he removed his shirt during a fishing expedition with Prince Albert of Monaco in the Siberian mountains and showed an amazed nation the extent of his fitness, the images quickly became hot property. And part of internet lore.

The gay chat rooms and the women groups as well as political and international observers to name a few. torso the 54-year-old President Father of two daughters, Putin has always maintained an image of machismo. He has been shown on television driving a truck, on a submarine, co-piloting a fighter jet, and running a train.

Natural, perhaps, in a nation that adulates its Olympians and where sports is a byword for excellence. If only it was the same with India as well!

Photo by the Presidential Press and Information Office

Courtesy: Photo by the Presidential Press and Information Office

2 thoughts on “macho putin

  1. My D Lee

    yeah looking good Putin (SAAR )
    well sorry if i say this , our Indian leaders should take leaf from his book, and be more healty

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