Terror strikes as 10,000 couples wed in hyderabad

How could anyone kill a fellow creature ? Its not in my understanding how one can even think of harming and at the least killing an individual that too innocent people whose face you dont even know ?

I am confused and agonised after the spray of visuals by the news channels of raw flesh and blood spread on the screens. Its gruesome and irresponsible, I dont know whom to blame or is it just us who watch such things tolerating to be served with more. I think its time to protest, protest the killings and protest showing of such gruesome images too.

The 26th of August is considered a very auspicious day and so there are 10,000 on a conservative estimate tying the holy knot in to a wedlock. But not to the 100 and odd victims of terror strikes in Hyderabad, a third in a couple of years.

Not to leave you in all that sea of bad news here is something good too. Today marks 100th year of TATA STEEL.



A map of the blasts site.
Police scan Lumbini Park auditorium.

9 thoughts on “Terror strikes as 10,000 couples wed in hyderabad

  1. Anonymous

    This sickens the soul of any decent human being! I cannot even eat meat because of the pain inflicted on the helpless creatures… to harm any fellow human in this way is beyond the realm of understanding. Prayers go out … constantly. ~A~

  2. Anonymous

    Its really a very very sad incident. The terrorists who did this can in no way be called human beings. I think the Indian government should take tough measures to deal with such incidents on Indian soil. Veeru no religion in this world allows the killing of innocent human beings and those who have done this should be publically hanged. I hope and pray that at last peace prevails in the world and may this world become a heavenly place where no one kills innocent fellow human beings. I send condolences to the families of these victims who were killed in this brutal incident. May God give them enough courage to bear this great loss.

  3. Veeru వీరు

    Its bleeding actually from the heart

    I dont know all wars are foght on some division or greed

    You are right but what about Indian citizens like the world citizens shouldnt they bee alert and do their bit… Cant say anything right now still puzzled and shocked

  4. Lori

    It is so horrible, it goes beyond words…. When will humans evolve past the need or ability to do violence? Will we ever?

    Heartfelt sympathies to the families that lost loved ones.

  5. Anonymous

    Veeru that is what it seems to me also! Man de-evolving to something with no heart, no soul, no consciousness of the Highest Power. Some years back, someone very spiritual told me that there are discarnate demons coming into the world as newborn children in this time, and it is approximately the age of many of the terrorists now. I think we do have demons in the flesh, made demons from birth. It is my opinion only… and what I seem to see. ~A~

  6. Veeru వీరు

    UGLy its ugliest

    Well articulated

    So are millions around the world all humans are, don know about other creed called terrorists sadists. I am sorry but thats how I felt after the incident

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