Killing fields

Farmers in the killing fields of Vidarbha live on credits and die in installments. As many as 1,338 farmer have ended their lives till date. On Friday, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited the region and announced a new package, Vidharba was still grappling with the dark reality of farmer suicide.

On an average, one farmer commits suicide in Vidharba every eight hours. It is possible that by the time the PM’s 24-hour-long visit to Maharashtra ends, another three would have fallen victim to the suicide trap.

4 thoughts on “Killing fields

  1. Lori

    Verru, this is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have worked with many farmers, who have sadly become deep in debt in order to survive. This is a problem the world over…the choice to live a life of hardship and difficult lives, as a farmer…to become deep in debt in order to meet gov standards and participate in programs…to give up farming and move to urban areas…or to end life. I think it is time, that farmers all over the world look to new ways of surviving, to return to farming on a natural level, without reliance on unsteady gov assistance, and to find other more positive means to success. There are signs of successes, new ways of thought….and these need to be encouraged.

  2. Veeru వీరు

    LORI: The story of the farmer across continents is same i suppose debt riudden and full of sweat and hard work and at the end of the day no proper price for his hardwork. The best thing is farmners if only they return to natural farming as u have mentioned shall flourish and live happily if not rich. There have been a cluster of examples only handful dont know why they are non replicable.

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