I still recollect and remember the tiny little foot prints mom used to make with her hands and the rice flour this day. Its fun and its a belief that Krishna would come walking into the homes bringing joy, prosperity and ofcourse loads of toys for us kids.

Its no less than the Santa for xmas.

This is one lord filled with myths, magic, mysery and what not. Lord krishna is a friend and close buddy of many a children coz they identify themselves with him. His mischief, naughty deeds are a light hearted but deep meaningful actions that go a long way in to philosophy. Celebrating this nutty naughty kids birthday today is fun and loads of enjoyment.

Look at the celebration and fervour the colour but also look at the politics to grab attention …. Krishna… Radhe …

After eight days of Raksha Bandhan, comes this festival in July-August, when people observe fast throughout the day and take food only when the moon is seen.

On this day Bilndropnd Krishna Ashtmi (August-September) at 12 midnight, Devki, the wife of Vasudeva gave birth to Krishna, in the prison of Kansa, at Mathura. Krishna was an incarnation of Visnu and was personified for the destruction of the demons (Asuras). How Krishna was rescued from the prison is a very popular and interesting legend. Just before midnight, Visnu appeared in the prison ceil, where Vasudeva and Devks were kept chained. Both got up and paid their homage to god Visnu. The God informed that soon after there shall be complete darkness, ali guards will sleep, all doors will open. Then Vasudeva should take away the new born across Yamuna to Gokul at Nand Baba’s house. The god before disappearing said that now he would take birth in person through Devki’s womb as a baby son Krishna! So it happened, Krishna, the newly born personified incarnation of Visnu, was laid by the side of sleeping Yasodhara; who had given birth to a daughter that day.

Sri Krishna, UdupiThe two babies were exchanged. Krishna remained with Nanda and Yasodhara and the daughter came to Vasudeva and Devki. When Vasudeva reached back safelv, the gates closed and the guards awakened. The birth of the daughter was announced and Kansa came to the prison. He picked up the new born girl and threw her down on a stone. Surprisingly the girl did not fall on the stone, but flew to the sky announcing to Kansa, that your killer has arrived safely in Gokul. Thereafter Kansa tried all his magical, demoniac powers to destroy Krishna, but to no avail. Ultimately he died at the hands of Krishna.

I dont know why I wanted to post this here but Iam just doing it .. Isnt it interesting that the pope is going green….

Pope Benedict XVI, who is increasingly adopting a ���green��� agenda, yesterday ended a two-day youth rally by urging the young to ���save the planet before it is too late���.

Addressing half a million young Catholics camped out in a sea of tents and sun hats at the shrine of Loreto, near Ancona, on the Adriatic coast, the Pope – dressed in bright green vestments – said that it fell to the young to save the planet from development that upset ���nature���s delicate equilibrium���.

���Before it���s too late, we need to make courageous choices that will recreate a strong alliance between man and Earth,��� the Pope said at an open-air Mass. ���We need a decisive ���yes��� to care for creation and a strong commitment to reverse those trends that risk making a situation of decay irreversible.���

He said water, in particular, was a precious resource which ���unfortunately becomes a source of strong tensions and conflicts if it is not shared in an equitable and peaceful manner���. He also urged the young to adopt family values rather than ���disposable love���.

5 thoughts on “krishnashtami

  1. Anonymous

    My wife Lilli Joon told me many stories about Krishna so that I grew fond of him. She loves Krishna because he was so kind to all the women. I think she has a good point. This was a great blog. =)

  2. LHC Defence

    Thanks for a very interesting blog about Lord Krishna. I also enjoyed reading the Pope’s comments. Good on the Pope for promoting care of the Environment. I also agree with his suggestions to the young to adopt family values rather than “disposable love”. Cheers, Peace

  3. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    Happy Janmastami , smiles…

    I got this in the mail today. Would you agree with these as correct aspects of Hinduism?

    Main views of Hinduism (real name Sanatan Dharma)

    => God is One Supreme Consciousness spread evenly in the Universe and Beyond

    => This supreme consiousness (Aum/Brham/Parmashiva/ Krishna) manifests as universe, and all living and non-living beings

    => The purpose of Human Birth is to realise God in its true form

    => Human life is a chain of births, which continues as long as desires and karma are present…. when there is no desire/karma left human onsciousness merges into Supreme Consciousness

    => Hells & Heavens are transitory places, where souls, purge to get new birth

    => Yoga and Meditation are the ways to get enlightenment

    => All, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, are entitled to God’s Grace—-hinduism does not condemn non-hindus to hells (even atheists)

    => The Truth can be searched through Vedas, Upanishadas, and Gita

    => There are no 33 crore gods – it is a mispublicity ( Shruti says 33 koti devas… koti means “crore” as well as “types”… these 33 types of devas …are not GODS but demi-gods/angles (like Indra/agni/varun etc)…which are manifested to run the universe

    => Sanatan Dharma is mother of main 3 Eastern wonderful religions viz. Buddhism, Jainism and sikhism

    => The Main Moto of Sanatan Dharma is –

    “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” —whole earth is my family


    “Sarve bhavantu sukhinam”…. may all be happy …may all be enlightened


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