Shwetal covered hyd flyover collapse

Was watching CNN IBN and suddenly was pleased to watch shwetal. After marraige i thought she would put on some weight but no she is the same one. She was covering the hyderabad flyover collapse in which 15 people were killed. The bridge is in the prime location very near to the chief ministers house n might have caused more havoc had it not been a weekend day. As it is the bridge was disqualified in the feasibility n soil studies. Corruption n antipathy murdered civilians.

4 thoughts on “Shwetal covered hyd flyover collapse

  1. As it is the bridge was disqualified in the feasibility n soil studies.
    IS it so? That is my cup of tea. Can I get some more details? Who is in technical investigation committe? Whether any prof from OSMANIA is involved in investigation?

  2. This is so sad news and cruel form of accident but I think this reality wants true investigation at any cost and the implication of rule againt crimnals and victums too.Corruption is the basic curse for any society developments and human beings.

  3. Munna: I read that from th newspapers long back .. Think it was from the Babu (earlier CMs tenure) but stilll inevitable for the traffic police and the MCH (now GHMC) tooo, Not really aware of the constituents of the report….

    Truly cruel and the bridge has been under construction for a long tim over an year.

  4. MUnna:
    This is an extract from the TIMES OF INDIA hope this interests you….
    <<<<<<In engineering terminology, the slow cave in termed as 'Progressive Failing of Scaffolding' which might have happened in this case. "The rain added to these problems," a civil engineer said.

    Though there were indications of soil becoming loose, both the contractors and officials did not bother to take safety measures. When the contractor started flyover works at the site, they discovered water at just a few feet below the surface.

    According to locals, there was once a water body (kunta) near the book depot.

    Incidentally, no workers were at the site when the incident took place and nobody was monitoring traffic at the site. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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