Indian Cricket seems to be getting young for better

Last two games of the T20 (twenty twenty) gave atlest me the courage and confidence that ICL (Indian Cricket league) was right when it was launched by the Zee TV group. It actually pushed the BCCI which was sobbing and in slumber over bags of unutilised quick bucks made out of the craze for the gentleman’s game in the subcontinent. Now there is this experiment in the Indian Cricket team with all young and dynamic squad of no Ganguly, no Sachin and ofcourse No dravid team, which was unthinkable until a few days ago atleast.

I was reading this essay from The hIndu which said THe Some How effect. It says Indian swould perform well if given a chance only after they are pushed to the wall and asked to perform SOMEHOW. The last cricket match against England where the Young and mighty Yuvraj has scored 6 sixers in an over is amazing and ofcourse not to forget the way Uthappa has played or the RP singh and the wonderful Irfan or Dhoni the skipper. Seems like all of a sudden the etam has woken up to a new reality and realised the elixir.

Now that a Dhamaka (lik the one the Bhagat singh has done in the Parliament during the freedom struggle) the ICL has woken up the Giant BCCI in to making a IPL. No the game seems to be benefitting. If not anything else things like the ChakDe India film have contributed to the feeling of Indian winni9ng spirit. Earlier the LAGAN effect changed the way Indian sports were played and taught a few lessons for sure.

Chak De India



Not just Hockey but the sporting spirit. It seems there another GOAL comming up so its raining movies on sports here in India.

4 thoughts on “Indian Cricket seems to be getting young for better

  1. svelliyod

    Yes, the ICL seems to have succeeded in waking up a sleeping giant!
    And the infusion of fresh and youngsters in the national team seems to have an electric effect. Yesterday’s game against SA was a revelation- those catches and run outs matched the best of Jonty Rhodes acrobatics we’ve ever seen in cricket anywhere!
    Let’s hope this marks a new turing point for the game and the nation.

  2. wisenicesam

    Just wait for some days you will feel the absence of Sachin,Ganguly and Dravid as this young star will look very confuse and stupid in the field.It is not new to Indian Cricket.

  3. Veeru వీరు

    wisenicesam: Hopefully but where were Sachin,Ganguly and Dravid b4 they were in the team, u hav to start somewhere to reach where u r now friend…

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