THe hills are singing and the northeast is joining the national mainstream

Its binding together in to the National mainstream… No guns no ballets or not even high level delegations and poilitics but still they made it …. Ofcourse its been me too that made this whole thing I rarely wrote about the Northeast, but now the East has caught up with the rest of the country and is making news positive one…. I think the Indian Idol has done what no Guns or even the political gimmickery has ever even dared to do…

Normally it is the terror or big controversy or the cultural extravaganza or some death that makes news here in Mainland if u want to call it that way, but no more the youth of the Northeastern India have made it big and we have positive news and energy flowing in…

Trying againt to post IBN live vids I am apprehensive but if it doesnt work here is the link…

CNN IBN says….

Amit Paul knows he is the king. Not only has he got a huge fan following rooting for his selection as the next Indian Idol, but in the Khashi warrior outfit unknowingly he is doing the impossible—bridging the divide between the Khashi, Jaintia and Garo tribes of Meghalaya with that of the non-tribals.

No wonder, the entire Meghalaya wants northeast’s new pin up boy to be their brand ambassador.

Times Now Tv says…..

A television show has never caused so much excitement in the north east, with both finalists on Indian idol from the region. From politicians to militant groups, everyone is tuning in. As the excitement builds up, ahead of Sunday’s (September 23) final, Darjeeling is going all out to support local boy Prashant Tamang.

Its Shillongs time on the Television Prime Time….

“A small town like Shillong is always in search of heroes… Amit Paul, a Bengali, has flaunted his Shillong roots.”

Meghalaya has a history of violence between the Khasis and settlers from other places, especially the Bengalis. The current wave of support for Amit, coming from all communities, has surprised all. The state government has been asked to declare Amit state ambassador for peace and communal harmony.

Look at Darjeling

“Vote for Prashant” fever is seeing issues such as the recent spate of landslides and drinking water crisis being put on the backburner.

Local politicians feel that Prashant Tamang has united the Hills and are presenting him as an icon of “the true Gorkha”.

“Prashant has broken the stereotype ‘soldier’ image of Gorkhas,” said Bimal Gurung, a Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) leader.

Look at the newspapers and everywhere thats worth it its the Hills that are singing…

In all this frenzy, what binds the people of the two regions in their latest obsession to “win” is the distinct awareness of being an alien in their own country. Debojit Saha, a former Voice of India winner from Assam, summed up the sentiment when he said, “Amit Paul and I are both from the Northeast, a region hardly known to the outside world. We know what hurdles we have crossed to reach our desired destinations.”

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