Chiru’s jolt his political ambitions and his second daughter’s marriage


Chiru wishes Srija a happy married life

Hyderabad: Breaking his silence, Tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi blessed his younger daughter Srija who married his boy friend on October 17 against her parents’ wishes. In a statement released to the media on Saturday, Chiranjeevi wished his daughter “all happiness wherever she is.”
Chiranjeevi said that he was in a state of shock when he came to know of the marriage. “But once the fact (marriage) dawned on me I realised that the most important thing is my daughter’s happiness. All the members of my family are of the same opinion,” the statement said.
The megastar thanked his friends and well-wishers who supported his family during the traumatic period and sought their blessings for his daughter. “Do bless them. They are like the protection of god to her,” he said.
In the brief press note, the actor did not make any mention of his son-in-law, Shirish Bharadwaj. Another thing that is strikingly missing are any words welcoming the couple to his home. The couple vanished after the marriage.

I am normally against posting or commenting a celebrity and their private life. I respect their privacy but since it is so compelling that the actor Megastar of Tollywood (as they call the Telugu movie industry) is involved in a series of events and the family acting too compelling for others to comment and bringing their private lives into the public domain though indirectly We have no other means but to comment and opinionate.

The Movie star and his political ambitions are well known as are the wonderful doldrums and filmy style Do I ? Dont I? in to politics and his brothers youngers tussle with fans tantrums and result (like with the MGIT students and the Parital Ravi where in he thrashed the HERO and made him balled headed) and so are the Naga babu his other brother with the Maa (movie artists association) adn one cannot really forget the role of Mr allu aravind his brother in law who they say is the root cause of the ills of Chiru (as he is referred to by his fans). Then there is the way in which chiru reacted to when Uday kiran was engaged and blah blah blah…

Now the actors second daughter they say has been forced to cut off her relationship with this engineering student boyfriend of hers ? Nobody knows the real fact but its just the implication of their own doings. The girl has taken a leaf out of one of those thriller boy meets girl and does an adventure wedding says this filmy web site. And its there for everybody to see how the boy’s past is being dug out. From what has been revealing even the fella seems to be of considerable criminal past. says this blog Kalyans Blog.


Here is a very eloberate blog (Golmaal govindam I seem to like it ?!) There seems to be a political twist too The groom’s mother is a distant relative of Khairtabad MLA P. Janardhan Reddy. While Sreeja’s parents were kept in the dark about her wedding plans, they were fully aware of her feelings for Sirish.

->Sirish’s kidnapping accusations: Accusation that Sirish had allegedly kidnapped a minor girl in 2002.A case had been registered against him at the Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar police station on a complaint of the minor girl’s father Arun Kumar.Reports indicate the Sirish was arrested on March 30, 2002 and was in jail for a week. He was subsequently released on bail.

More than the blog this one has interesting debate on comments (Onion Dosa)

Of Chiranjeevi’s daughter’s elopement and the lessons to learn (Meri news)

THE SITUATION in which a top Tollywood star’s family is finding itself is a classic case of chickens coming home to roost. Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter, Shreeja’s elopement and inter-caste marriage with a middle class engineering graduate, Shirish Bharadwaj has created a sensation in the entire state.

The clan of Chiranjeevi played no little role in this glamorisation of adolescent, rather childish love. The films acted and produced by Chiranjeevi’s family members extolled the virtues of inter-caste and inter-class love and advocated violent means to take the love affair to a logical end. For instance, in Khushi (Happiness), a blockbuster having Pawan Kalyan, the younger brother of Chiranjeevi, in a lead role shows how to make an ‘intransigent’ father of the girl agree to the marriage of his daughter with a loafer (hero’s friend). The hero, takes hold of a pistol, scares security guards of the villain (girl’s father!) and thrashes his followers black and blue and finally performs the marriage rites with his beloved.

Was chiru a bad father asks this blogger from mysore (Chamundi hill)

Chiru’s daughter Shrija is 19 yrs old and eloped to marry her lover. It is being said that Chiru objected to her love affair and had her under house arrest for some time.

What should Chiru do now ? My simple suggestion to him would be, accept the marriage. Support his daughter till she settles down.

What Chiru should have done earlier ? He should have checked up on the seriousness of the issue – and not left it hanging for god to solve it.

5 thoughts on “Chiru’s jolt his political ambitions and his second daughter’s marriage

  1. Munna Bhai

    Hey boss. Acting is Chiranjeevi profession. He does that for his livelyhood. Reel life and real life are always different. All are adults. They have their brains to think. Let us wish the couple the very best.

  2. Pavan

    True…jo hua so hua!!! I agree to your views of wht chiru must do now. Is he left with any option?
    And it’s correctly said, reel life is different to real life. No matter how generous the parents might be, it’s still hurting when a child marries against their wishes!!! Let’s c wht happens.
    btw, it’s worrying tht the groom seems to have a criminal background or are these just allegations!!!

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