Happy Vijaya Dashami

Today is Vijaya Dashami. The day marks not only the victory of Rama over Ravana but focuses on the efforts that we must make to surmount our personal weaknesses so that we may emerge victorious.

HOLY MARCH: The idols being carried through main streets of Ongole on their way to `Jammi chettu’.

Telugus also worship Jammi tree (Prosopis cineraria Source: World agro forestry center) to celebrate the Pandavas victory. Pandavas stashed their astras (weapons) on the Jammi tree during their 13th year of exile. This bundle of weapons looked like a corpse and was guarded by a snake. The Pandavas retrieved them on the sacred Vijaya Dasami day. So, on this day Ayudha puja (prayer to tools or weapons) is performed. (Tools, books, vehicles and appliances etc. are worshipped). People go to Jammi tree on this day and recite the following sloka and also write it on a piece of paper and attach it to the tree

Samee samayate paapam
Samee satruvinasanam
Arjunasya dhanurdhari
Ramasya priyadarsini

Some households display Bommala Koluvu (arrangement of toys and dolls). On this occasion women and children visit their friends and relatives in their new clothes. The festival lasts for ten days, beginning on the first day of the month of Aswayuja.

People throng temples and pooja pandals organised by various communities in the city on Saturday. It is not just about new clothes and sweet dishes, which, of course, add to the festive spirit but following a tradition that can only bring blessings. ‘Jammi’ or ‘Bangaram’— leaves of ‘Jammi’ tree are given to the elders of the family as ‘Bangaram’ (gold) and their blessings are sought. This according to tradition brings good fortune for the family throughout the year.
“The act of giving ‘Bangaram’ to the elders and seeking their blessings shows the importance we give to elders,”

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