I have been lazy

I have been lazy and hovering around in Delhi for quite sometime now. seems like there has been some loss of focus or is it just my own pondering of things moving as slower as possible ?

I have started volunteering for the FACT India (www.factusa.blogspot.com ) a Humanitarian and rights campaign. The Kashmiri Pandits the Bangladeshi Minorities and the Pakistani as well as minorities in the west asia are some of the touching topics that these people are trying to work towards. The issue of islamic fundamentalism is another area the FACT is trying to work on, without involving tags of the religion it is the moderates that FACT would like to encourage. Community based and internal reviews as well as internal debates only can reform a belief / thought/ ideology. Its of no use blaming or violently resorting to force. Might be thats a short teerm relief if u want to call it that way but no I dont believe in such things.

So its organising exhibitions to look back at things sit together debate and review as well as at the same time look for alternatives. Promote moderate faces from among the community so that they convince and update us on the need for a today need for humane and compassionate as well as lively way of living.

FACT Exhibition News

Upcomming Exhibitions

1) Chatrapati Shivaji

2) Prince Dara Shikoh

3) The Sikh contribution

4) 1947 as it was

I have been trying to look at things in that direction might be Iam right or I am wrong ?! But FACT is we need more work on this. Comming back to my lazyness, its inevitable again.

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