mobile number portability and An Indian super computer

This one announcement by the govt has pleased me. For fear of loosing the number most of us used to stick to a particular operator, not anymore. The govt almost is cleared says news sources the permanent number mobility along with the high end 3G spectrum, for data n voice as well as video services on mobile.

According to telecom minister A Raja, the facility will be
launched in the four metros — Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai —
to begin with. However, he did not specify exactly when this would
Full number portability
allows users to retain their telephone numbers not just when they change service
providers. They can also retain the number when they are switching service types
— say, from mobile to fixed line — or when changing locations
— say, from Delhi to Mumbai or vice versa. The portability envisaged by
Raja, however, will only allow wireless number
The lack of number
portability between mobile providers in India has kept many consumers from
changing services because of the inconvenience of changing their phone number on business cards and other documents, and informing all their contacts of the new
number. Its introduction — that is, when it happens — will get rid
of these hassles.

More good news……..
EKA, the super computer developed by Tatas’ Pune-based Computational Research Laboratories, has
been ranked the fourth fastest in the world and fastest in Asia.
was disclosed in the Top500 Supercomputer list at the International Conference
for High Performance Computing held in Nevada, US.
While the US is
clearly the leading consumer of high power computing systems with 284 of the 500
systems, Europe follows with 149 systems and Asia has 58 systems. In Asia, Japan leads with 20 systems, Taiwan has 11, China 10 and India 9.

2 thoughts on “mobile number portability and An Indian super computer

  1. Anonymous

    There are treats for the eyes and treats for the cranium everytime I come to your page. Thank you my friend, I am always learning something new here.

  2. Pavan

    Slowly it’s catching up in India. It’s definitely a good move to reduce the monarchy and increase the competition among the service providers.

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