Do History and Rama go hand in hand ?

Or so doeas this presentation say ! I am in Mumbai and had to attend this programme on Historical Rama ( ) and the group that presented the programme was baharath gyan ( )

Initially it went of a bit haywire and I quite didnt like the presentation and as the presentation went ahead the presenter Mr hari made it more critical and squezing the minds to be attracted to the presentation. It was the scientific aspect that attracted me much though the archeo astronomy (thats what he said ?) was a bit puzzling but the astronomy and the calculations the science behind the bridge (Ram setu) were amazing. I am sure not the best of the poet authors would have so meticulously planned and written something that stood for so many years. According to the presentors and researchers at the meet Rama’s 51 predecessors and 20 and odd descendents the last one of the kings dies in Mahabharata war have been there the Family tree is available including their stories.

The scientific corroborating evidences come in the form of the following:
  • Astronomical Skycharts using modern scientific tools
  • Geological surveys and research
  • Archeological Research
  • Historical notes of travellers through India right from 1032 CE
  • Published Government Gazettes
  • Historical records of the British
An integrated analysis of the above material in a rational, scientific and wholistic manner confirms the following:
  • Rama indeed was historical and lived 7200 years ago
  • Rama and his team had to build a bridge to cross over to Lanka
  • This bridge was named Nala Setu by Rama
  • This bridge is a man made accretion over a natural formation in the sea
  • There are continuous records that talk about its usage until 1480
  • The bridge went into disrepair due to a cyclone in 1480
  • It was called Aadham (Adam’s) bridge because Sri Lanka’s first Muslim leader came to Sri Lanka from India over this Bridge
  • The Europeans found it easy to call it Adam’s Bridge instead of Nala Setu or Rama Setu
  • The Tamils in India, till the days of the poet Maha Kavi Subramania Bharathi, circa 1920, have always dreamt of repairing the Setu and building a road to Sri Lanka
  • The bridge has always been a protected monument for the Indians right through history
  • The Ramayana was classified as an Itihasa – historical text – until it the perception was changed by British Historians in 1813 to one of “mythology”.
  • The bridge symbolizes a feat of Adi Dravida engineering.


  • Astronomical Sky Charts
  • Archeology
  • Geography of the land
  • Historical Records
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