I have been thinking of writing on Nandigram

Its been 13 if not more moths since the Nandigram ordeal began, eversince the Communist / left front govt has been very rude if not cruel to its own people and I have a very strong view against what is going on in the state. The capture recapture drama, and the Maoists training their guns on their own ideological offsprings has left me in a kind of fix too if not more confused. When a constitutional head of the state government himself says our boys have paid them back in their own coin its real pathetic state of affairs.


This blogger quoting Ashok K.Jha is the Editor of ‘Mithila Darpan’,a Hindi Weekly News Magazine.He also contributes to several International Online News Portals says

Sikhs getting slaughtered in thousands was only a big mistake;Hindus getting killed in Kashmir is a grave political problem ;Muslims getting killed by a few hundred is no less than a holocaust ;Poor protesters getting shot in West Bengal under Left Govt is just a plain misunderstanding;Banning Parzania in Gujarat was Communal;Banning Da Vinci Code and Jo Bole So Nihaal was indeed Secular;Kargil attack was Government failure;Chinese invasion in 1962 was just an ‘unfortunate betrayal’; Reservation in every school and college on caste lines strengthen Secularism;Reservations in minority institutions is Communal;Fake encounters in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] was Modi sponsored ‘BJP’ Communalism;Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] was only an instance of Police atrocity;Talking about Hindus and Hindu appeasement is dangerous and Communal;Talking about Muslims and Islam is Secular;BJP freeing 3 terrorists to save Indian hostages was Shameful;Freeing 4 militants to save the life of the daughter of a minister [Rubina Sayed] was a Natural Political dilemma;Attack on Parliament was the result of BJP ineptitude; (http://truecongresspolitics.wordpress.com/)
Thousands pay Buddha back in an unfamiliar coin (from the telegraph)

The monopoly of political parties over the masses was broken on Wednesday as thousands poured into the heart of Calcutta to condemn the manner in which CPM cadres recaptured Nandigram.

Turnout: 60,000 to 100,000 (variance because of official and unofficial counts)

What’s new? Record turnout, considering no party bussed in or hired hands to step up footfall

Telling moment: The tail end moved two hours after the rally started from College Square

Big surprise: The presence of Mrinal Sen


Development and Communist somehow I feel antonyms and antagonise many with the left loosing balance to the ideology that never was very useful. I was watching television this sunday in Hyderabad (had travelled from mumbai in a rather stupid bus ride that took almost 20 hours) and the NDTV (I hate to say it time and again but its the best) wa relaying this piece of debate from the town hall kolkata. Burqua dutt was there (no intention to hurt just …) with usual clichesand then I heard something strange the mullahs were talking against the commies in the friday prayers and one of the muslim friend on TV was against that. I liked it and it was some kind of revelation that there is also a communal angle in Nandigram.

So I set on a very intriguing online jurney to google out facts. So here I am….

Here is one such poems I like it from a blogger friend

When Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, created by God, were living happily in the Garden of Eden, a politician by the name of Satan came to Eve and convinced her to eat the forbidden fruit of knowlege.

Ever since then, the politician has been representing the dark and evil forces, call him the Devil or Satan, whatever you want,in this world.In the bible he is aptly pictured as a snake.

God has created the Universe.

He created both the good and the evil.

Why both?

I suppose, to provide contrast.

Unless you know what is evil, you will not be able to appreciate what is good.

This contrast exists throughout our life.



This blogger a dravidian in thought says interestingly routine stuff…..(http://indianhumanrights.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html#3047721972604694754)
commission to investigate, arrest and prosecute those who were responsible for the crimes against humanity such as mass rapes, gang-rapes, murders, mutilation and arson against Gujarathi Muslim civilians in 2002 under the directions and orders of the criminal at large Narendra Modi? Why is this impunity despite the recent “Tehelka” revelations when intellectually dishonest and shameless Hindutva fascist commentators like Swapan Das Gupta selectively rile against the Marxist Government of West Bengal

And here is one more from a columnist from Rediff who says something thinkable but not everyone is listening. Rajeev srinivasan questions ? (http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2007/11/haj-pilgrims-attacked-why-no-cry.html)

Haj pilgrims attacked! Why no cry from SECULARISTS?

11/13/2007 4:52:16 PM HK

Thalassery: Convoy of Haj Piligrims were attacked and many including women were injured.

One may wonder why no much hue and cry over such an act which have even impact internationally! Why haven’t it came in the headlines of National media! Why no condemnation by our Secularists and cultural leaders!

REASON– It’s not been attributed luckily on Hindu Organisations-No RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal activists were arrested.The assailants here are CPI(M) comrades!

600 Dalits and Muslims have been killed in Nandigram
Nov. 14, 2007
Over 600 Dalits and Muslims have been killed in Nandigram, most of them in the last week, claimed Dalit activist Dr Udit Raj, quoting a report from the West Bengal unit of the Indian Justice Party and the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations. Dr Raj is president of the IJP and chairman of the confederation.
In a press release, Dr Udit Raj claimed this was the reason why the media and social activists were kept out of the area.

There is someone else who is expressing dismay and no surprise Chennai-Based Chinese National Newspaper (CBCNN) a blogger who says Seasoned readers of Chindu are not surprised. It must be something that is not favourable to the communists. (http://cbcnn.blogspot.com/2007/11/alert-press-release-in-wb-not-covered.html)
600 Dalits, Muslims killed in Nandigram: Release

and Chindu as the blog is called goes on to add the comments from N Ram as saying “In Nandigram , it wants its readers to believe that CPI(M) is a victim and not a perpetrator.”

Another blogger by the name Kafila writes (http://www.kafila.org/2007/11/15/nandigram-redux-reading-sudhanva-deshpande/)

It is interesting to witness the spin doctoring of the CPI(M) come into play once again in the wake of the renewed violence in Nandigram, which in CPI(M) newspeak is now being called ‘a transition to peaceful conditions’ .

Recently, I have had the opportunity to read the seasoned voice of one of the leading ‘cultural’ lights of the Consolidated Promotors of India(Militant) in Delhi, Comrade Sudhanva Deshpande, on Nandigram Redux, on an extended posting made on Pragoti.org,

I urge you all to read Sudhanva Deshpande’s text as a window into the amazing felicity with which the Consolidated Promotors of India (Militant) constructs the edifice of its positions.

Look at what the CPIM mouth piece has to say

AS if the death of 14 people is not enough unfortunate, deliberate rumors are being spread now about the Nandigram incident. Every possible medium —television channels to Internet, are being used to magnify the “horror”.


To portray the March 14 incident as a “mass killing”, the number of those actually killed is now being inflated to infinite. If one reads through various statements by the opposition leaders and a section of the media, the number of dead can be anywhere between 50 to 200, even “thousand” as claimed by an actress in her column in a Bengali daily. Some like Medha Patkar have alleged that the children were beaten to death –– without providing a single instance, without naming a single child. The reality is that by March 20, the number of dead remained at 14, including one killed in bomb injury. Two bodies remain unidentified, unclaimed, fuelling suspicion that they were outsiders brought in for “action” by Trinamul Congress.

Also dont miss the FACTS sheet by the same source a 13 point full page online factsheet

THE trouble in Nandigram began with attacks on Panchayat members, administrative officials and police on January 3, 2007. The following is a brief of what happened thereafter.

I was searching for a more elaborate content and deeper analysis of NAndigram and communal divide, infact the wounds and the deeper repercussions but no not a single mainstream media channel / newspaper / magazine was ready to leave alone publishing it. An online mag http://www.sanhati.com/ says atleast somethings all in one place.

Last but not the least Relief materials for Nandigram victims (specifically old clothes, children’s clothes and rice) can be sent to Mahasweta Devi’s address, given below:

c/o Mahasweta Devi

W 2C 12/3 Phase 2,

Golf Green, Kolkata 95.

Ph: 24143033


There is also something called sacred cow blog and I like the representation of the incidents and issue there.

This particular page has a detailed archive as well as resources to point to.


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