Baffling media expectations MODI wins

You might be the fourth estate but you dont really matter to the people of India, Its been evident now with the Modi win and the recent survey by a news media that Indians take media reports with a pinch of salt.

The media has been baying for the blood of one man and he has been vindicated by the people now and here after. The NDTV, CNN IBN or AAJ TAK or the obscure but lifting its head once in a while Tehelka its a thumbs down to all of you. No amount of bashing and loudmouthing of lies again and again can actually make it true.

THe stupidity of the caste in the name of Patels has been proven wrong the election has atleast broken a lot of zinx and cliches as well as run of the mill stuff and make remarkable enlightening results to the indian polity that they can go out of the appeasement and caste and class formulae as well as not necessarily the seniors are right and the Young generation can handle India far better than the older.

Now its interseting to see what the bloody Big brother US or the bloody so called Human rights masked organisations will say about this one thing called Modi win. Will they ridicule the people of Gujarat or will they start learning to respect democracy ? The sarabhai’s and the Teestas and the Gordhanis will at last be thrown in to oblivian to let the country move ahead and not pulled back in the name of secularism. As also the dumb appeasement linked to the politics of appeasement. An inclusive growth is what is required and not the usual stupid appeasement and subsidising policies that affect the country and the world at large.

But quite interestingly today’s coverage of Gujarat results was amazing and by the end of the 11:00 pm by what time the results have clearly indicated a BJP win RAJDEEP has started praising the MODI mask. And right from the begining Srinivasan jain NDTV has been like Modi is vikas and kind of Modi language good atleast that vasu you have an enlightenement of the sorts. Times now as usual was lurking in pitting politicians’ comments and aajtak and other hindi channels were far better in their coverage than the english media. The telugu vernacular TV channels ETV and TV9 were good too, then the Gujarati zeeTV and ETV were fairly good enough.

2 thoughts on “Baffling media expectations MODI wins

  1. RAVI

    Veeru The controversial thing has been that the Media has been the Hand tool & mouth piece of the Goonish Politics, Posing to be the Mouth piece of the Free India,But promoting a Dynastic rule of sorts,It has been apparent that The Secular was never a word well defined in India by these self imposed rulers of India, They just continued with their Hidden Agenda of the sumhow keeping the rule in their hands,They provided the Latitude to the communists to go ahead with their Dark system of pulying back the society into the Neo-feudal inter society clash system. & whoever talsk of freeing them from the clutches of teh ignorance of darkest piercings is an outlaw, Communalist………………
    Hopeless condition that has been.

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