Benazir may her soul rest in peace but terrorism ?

Grief and carnage at the scene of the attack that killed Benazir Bhutto.
Photo: BK Bangash/AP

Update: Suicide bomber, or is it hurt while ducking the bomb theres controversy brewing. Look at the dawns edit on Indian express. And hot on heals are the clarifications by the alqaida

“We are sad over Benazir Bhutto’s death. We do not have any enmity with Pakistani leaders and are only opposed to the US,” Omar said and described the government’s claims about Mehsud’s involvement in the suicide attack as ‘propaganda’.

Mehsud was recently chosen as chief of the Tehrik Taliban-e-Pakistan, a coalition of pro-Taliban groups from Pakistan’s northwestern tribal areas. Maulvi Omar said it was against tribal culture and traditions to attack a woman.

Wow so u do have considerations for women Mr Mullah great and happy to learn that. Here is a fan from India for your statement, what if unknowingly u have acknowledged the role women should play and are equal.

Benazir Bhutto the youngest and one of the few women leaders of world is no more or rather with all due respects to the leader and departed soul, has been a victim of her own policies. She had the distinction of an over expectations from the world as well as the first women Premier of an Islamic state.

Now going back to being a victim of her own policies of hatred, Remember the hate campaigns and venom spewing speaches in POK for Jihad on India yeah thats what is according to me the real murderer of Mrs Bhutto. She financed and helped the anti delhi groups. The Alqaida is but an organisation but what about the ideas that have been in us and we develop them with more hatred and more fundamentalism as well as more rigidity. As she herself said in an interview uncompromising stand against issues of importance yet a little compromise when it can do more good than harm is what makes politicians good.

The mullahs the radical islamists and those that condemn anything and everything that is western and from other religions are the more dangerous. I was just watching the debates points and counterpoints and was talking to friends on the issue and it seems with more and more space crunched for the out of the box thinking as well as unconventional approaches missing the leadership has become redundant and is playing to the tunes of the public. The leadership lacks that courage to stand against public will when they realise that something that the people believe today may hurt the future and should be corrected. Frankly speaking how many o our leaders have that in them. Of course not many,very few have it.

This piece makes an interesting reading by by Dr. Subhash Kapila on rantburg.
Do not forget to read the comments.

Here is more Operation Topac and all that on Kashmir Information network.

6 thoughts on “Benazir may her soul rest in peace but terrorism ?

  1. Pavan

    Very truly said.
    My view is, if the politicians are wrong, the public can sort it. But what if the public itself is wrong, where no politician can stand against. The consequences will be like this….

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