“truly not imagined…but necessary to drive home a point”.

The year 2007 shall be remembered for losing one more dedicated officer and as a mark of the corruption and nepotism rooted in the beaurocracy of the Govt of India. The one woman that drove millions of girls into an inspirational roll and journey out of the discriminative clutches of gender KIRAN BEDI has left office not in despair but in hope and on positive note to do something more independently. While Govt ducked under its own statements of loss of face under its own humiliation. When it actually wanted to use her skills in the National Police Mission.

Government had last week indicated that it would continue to avail of the services of Bedi for its project of National Police Mission, but she rejected the offer saying she was not willing to work “for the government” anymore.

“If the government could not do justice to me at least I had to be just to myself. Therefore I decided to move on.” KIRAN BEDI
A tennis champion, India’s first woman IPS officer, and winner of the Magsaysay award, Kiran Bedi has excelled in several fields and been a role model. While speaking up where it matters, she has never shunned controversy. She recently decided to quit the police after being denied the post of police commissioner of Delhi. here is what she thinks: courtesy indian express.

“It has been a life worth living. It has been a profession of my soul and heart. And truly, the end it has met was not imagined. But this was what the situation had demanded and it was necessary to drive home a point,” said Kiran Bedi without trying to hide her emotions.

A fulfilling journey

Looking back at her three-decade-long career, Dr. Bedi said: “I started alone, but today when I am laying down office we have more than 200 women IPS officers, several women’s battalions and companies serving the country. The scintillating performance of women personnel in the Central Reserve Police Force as United Nations’ peacekeepers is doing us all proud. Even the Government wants more woman IPS officers. It is great where we stand today. It has been an exceedingly and overwhelmingly fulfilling journey.”

Enumerating her achievements as head of the Capital’s high-security Tihar Central Jail, Ms. Bedi said prison reforms introduced during her tenure had gone around the world and some of the programmes were even adopted outside India.

“ ‘Doing Time, Doing Vipassana’, the film that describes the way in which Vipassana had been used to change the behaviour of the inmates won acclaims around the world,” said Ms. Bedi.

Ms. Bedi, who had earned the sobriquet “Crane Bedi” for her firmness in dealing with traffic violations in the Capital, has won a number of awards over the years, including the President’s Gallantry Award. She also had the honour of serving as the United Nations’ Police Adviser.

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