Pouncing on frinds Media and the Mullahs

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE: Aroosa Alam said that she and Captain Amrinder Singh are just good friends.

It was too much of media on this one subject the Amrinder singh and Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam a defence and security affairs writer too much is being made out of nothing between two people. Is it that no two people from two countries even if it is from India Pakistan can be real friends ?

The media has pounced into the lives of individuals in a big way. I do accept that public and personal lives of celebrities and public figures tend to blur but that doesn’t have to affect our media working the wrong way round.

To top it all there are always the so called Mullahs like the Imam of Jama Masjid in Ludhiana who issue fatwas ordering a social boycott of Alam as his mind which is stuck 1400 years behind doesn’t understand the world today and the women in the likes of his are second grade citizens and God created women and all living creatures for the pleasure of men.

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