The new year ! but same veeru?

It was a new year and 31t night people in hustle and bustle, busy planning their celebrations, I was lost thinking what the fuss was all about…? No dont get me wrong Iam not against the english new year or Gregorian calender or whatever?

Just celebrations for me was something I couldnot understand I was confused and watching TV (believe me thats the most stupidest thing one can do, and I amgood at it). There was this cll from Shweta (sweety, my sis) didnt feel like taking the call just was lying idle and for the firt time felt like a veggy. Wondering what all this bullshit is about mmmm no idea …

Actually… (this is one other thing i hate, dragging words and their usage unnecessarily and one of my classmates Anjali is good at this ooops sorry anju.BTW she is carrying) Iam confused yup really actually (this again is from JAB WE MET Bollywood fim people my friends hated it but I bought a DVD to wath it on my laptop) I have no idea what I am doing right now and its just that husk or waste of time. BTW one of my friends feels I am a sheer waste of time and none can actually beat me in killing time. My Uncle (fathers bro also has the same view) cant help it.

Once before my final Board exams I put down a long story of my feeelings (there were no blogs then u see) and it was ok and after a week i missplaced the dairy in which I had put all my feelings, (I am goood at this one too c how many things I have mastered) and it was found by my uncle my dad’s bro and it all exploded kind of a huge controversy …. The home rocked in fire for the next 1 month and it still has been since then. Thats the power of my feelings and BTW b4 I miss the point I lost the board exams with a huge margin and that is another story. Will talk about it much later.

Whats so new to celebrate was my point and atleast veeru has nothing to…. I was still in my bed surfing channels and Jai woke up and to shout stupid fellla go to bed and early to bed and blah … blah….

ok b4 he does that again to bed

Good night or is it good morning…


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