Film with jay Tare Zameen Par

After a lot of reading and reviews from friends and on TV at last tonight (2nd Jan 2008) me and Jayaseelan my friend kind of decided to go check it ourselves. Satyam cineplex close by two stations (by metro) from Karolbagh so just dropped there and walked in after being frisked for explosives and terror equipment (even otherwise who wouldnt suspect two bearded men wlaking into a theatre 🙂 btw they are me and jay).

Once we were in the theatre it was interesting to find somany children with their parents around curious right from the titles to the end of the film. As they say Amir is truly a perfectionalist (I hate them but some how couldnt help but love this film and him) he proved it again I could not have accepted but for the scene when the kid is left in the Boarding school Jay starts weeping (ssssh thats a secret he thinks I didnt notice it) and the next thing I notice is the parents on my right threatening the girl to leave in a scary boarding school if she doesnt study well and the nest thing I know is the kid goes wild the parents had to leave the theatre not to return. Thats interesting?

The rediff review of the film

showcases a brilliant performance by the young Darsheel Safary — one of those child actors you can’t possibly resist. More than just dyslexia, the film is a look at childhood dreamers who feel shunted out by the rest of the world, the cruel world that doesn’t understand them. At some level, I guess we all relate. And this ends up a nice watch — sincere, even if somewhat simplistic.
The film is an intricate and sensitively woven story of the boy suffering from dislexia and the parents’ heard mentality running after numbers (99.5%ages ) the doctors and engineers production units that the homes are turning into trashing the childhood and precious human relations. Its the power of one power of a child and its childhood that wins the herts more than anything.

Look at what this blogger thinks.

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