The Internet disruptios in India

I have been thinking of writing for a while and the Internet cable disruptions in the west asia region has made things worse. My browsing and my comp have also been affected.

I do not happen to be the only one affected the IT enabled service sector and the service sector as a whole has been slowed down. The Indian BPOs seem to have been innovating and finding alternatives but common man (like me) and several others. After the two cables that were reported damaged latest is the third cable too is damaged.

NEW DELHI: A third undersea Internet cable has been damaged in the Middle East, adding to the disruption in online services after two other lines were cut earlier this week, the cable operating firm said.

The Falcon cable was cut 56 kilometres (35 miles) from Dubai, between Oman and the United Arab Emirates, according to its owner, FLAG Telecom, which is part of Reliance Communications.

Click here for a bigger map

Theres some interesting stuff as well here is a dooms dayer predicting and FBI conspirasy. There seems to be more to it than that is visible to the eyes says the Indimedia forum that the Muslim websites are pulled down. The question common men like me are also asking is “Can this all be a coincidence?” The wonderfully pessimistic blog I hate to say this but this blogger feels (I am afraid I have started believing in all this hooooof)

This blogger

I hate to be one to fan terrorist paranoia, but it would seem highly implausible that three undersea cable cuts in two days are mere coincidence. When one considers the areas these cable are laid and the areas they serve, one has to wonder if this is an act of terrorism designed to “cut off” the Islamic world from the west. As the Taliban did in Afghanistan, many of these groups view modern technology as an evil afront to radical Islam. It would make sense to wreak havoc by disrupting modern communications if this was your goal.

From Renesys Blog:

“As you can see from the above map, there are several cable systems that connect Europe, the Middle East and Asia, via the Suez Canal. The countries highlighted in red are those whose Internet connectivity is being disrupted the most by this event. At Renesys, we geo-locate all routed networks and observe their reachability from over 250 locations around the globe. In the case of disasters like this, we will suddenly see a large percentage and/or a large number of country-specific networks disappear from the Internet. As the following charts show, Egypt and Pakistan lost the highest percentage of their networks, while India lost the least. However, India had the third highest total number of networks disappear. Looking at the cable map, it is not surprising that the Indian subcontinent was impacted by events off the coast of Egypt. There are essentially two ways to get to this part of the world: via the Suez Canal or via Southeast Asia. “

Here are the countries impacted (per the Renesys blog) :

Countries impacted by cable loss

One thought on “The Internet disruptios in India

  1. I am so very glad you posted this. I have been thinking along the same lines so to speak. Why now? Why these nations? And why is the media so very very quiet about something so very very MAJOR? And what are the implications for the world of failed communications? Many do not realize how vulnerable we are as a result of this miracle of tech, the internet. Business, banking would come to a halt were the net to be down for any period of time.

    Concerned? Yes, I am. It is VERY good to hear from you.

    namaste, dear Veeru and best wishes to you and your family

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