Is the sons of the land theory valid ……… ? ………..

I was just wondering and watching in awe if siome redundant philosophy and jargon can ever sustain public interest in India or to that matter any where in the world ?!

When Raj thacjeray and followed by his bro Udhav roared (or is it meowed) with a call for throwing all outsiders, and when mumbai burned i was pretty sure this was not the end of it. And when Raj justified his theory and action practically with quotes of DMK/Lallu’s RJD/SP’s Amar singh I ws sure this would burn some more precious national treasures of intellect as well as man hours that is wasted on dicussing and focussing on irrelavent issues.

So is globalisation taking a toll on the Indian mind and the local cultures vanishing ..? Shud we take the CARE to sve local cultures and fight each other for it ?

“I had 20 workers and only four are left. Even they want to leave.They don’t even want full payment. They ask for only Rs 250 so that they could go back home. However, if this continues, the industrial belt will collapse due to shortage of labour,” says a local industrialist, Ahwa Industries, Raj Kumar Chaturvedi.

IS it some kind of JEWS Vs the Germans ?

Not really but why is this happening ? Is it part of the socialogical change or the course corrections. I always believe even the UPA led LEFT supported Govt is a course correction for India to reach and give a helping hand to the poor left behinds and have-nots of India.

Close to 10,000 migrant workers have left Nashik since the MNS chief began his anti-north Indian campaign nearly 15 days ago.

Nashik exodus impact

Impact on industries:

  • Around Rs 400 crore lost as production down 40 per cent
  • One-third of 30,000 workers have left
  • 2,200 industrial units in Ambad-Satpur MIDC belt
  • Big firms like M&M, Mico, Glaxo Smithkline located in this belt

Impact on Agriculture

  • Lasalgaon market shut since Tuesday
  • Around 50 per cent of 2,500 workers have left Nashik
  • Sales drop to 25 per cent, 80 per cent of produce rotting
  • No traders, labour to collect, pack the produce

People are leaving the state in large numbers everyday.

Apart from the industrial production, the agricultural produce is also rotting and the state run market has shut down since Tuesday for lack of workers.

The exodus led to Nashik’s industries losing around Rs 400 crore as the total production is down by 40 per cent.

And how do we compensate this loss ? wot amount of philosophy and ideology can feed ppl of downtrodden industrial labourers fleeing Nasik can help ?

On the agriculture front, the Lasalgaon market has been shut since Tuesday.

It has been hit badly as 50 per cent of the total of 2,500 workers have left the town.

So where is the LEFT leftout busy marginalising the right ? and if yes who is fighting these osamas of modern India and will it be a diffeent NAndigram ?

For nine days now, factories in Nashik’s two industrial estates at Ambad and Satpur have come to a standstill with several thousand north Indian workers fleeing attacks by MNS activists.

Fear fuelled by rumours leading to a mass exodus has now hit industrial activities which have come to a virtual standstill.
“In a day or two, the situation will worsen when spare parts don’t arrive at the factories that have to meet daily targets,” says Dhananjay Bhele, president of Ambad Industrial Manufacturers’ Association (AIMA).

While some were unskilled workers on construction sites, many were semi-skilled who worked on the assembly line in steel and automotive industries, and are not easy to replace. However, both the AIMA and the Nashik Industrial Manufacturers’ Association (NIMA) have, for the last three days, been appealing to local youth to come forward if they want to “replace” the migrant workers.

“Not one has applied,” says Bhele. It’s clear that not all incidents of violence were orchestrated by the MNS; many local trouble-makers took advantage of the atmosphere of tension to chase and beat up vegetable-vendors, smug in the belief that their individual offences would get absorbed in the overall MNS lawlessness.

Is it India / some pakistani city? or even iran / afghan?

North Indians are leaving the city by every possible means– buses, trains and even private vehicles.

An estimated 10,000 people have left the city during the last 48 hours.

The railway station here was flooded with migrants throughout the day on Tuesday and there was hardly any place even to stand on the platforms at the Nashik Road railway station.

He said that if the same situation continued for three four days more, it will affect even the Marathi workers as the production will come to a standstill and the other workers will have no work in dearth of raw material.

Though these small industries are ancilliary units, providing material to big industries such as Mahindra and Mahindra, MICO, Crompton Greaves and VIP industries, crises in these units will affect the work of the big industries.

Bele estimated the loss to the industries due to the prevailing crises to the tune of Rs 500-700 crore till now.

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