One thought on “Entry for March 25, 2008

  1. ॐ nina infinite ॐ

    I have never seen this movie! But I LOVE that it is a true story, that it is about:

    Take the Lead is an inspirational drama based on the life of Pierre Dulaine, a Manhattan dance teacher and competitor who volunteers his time to teach ballroom dancing to a diverse group of New York inner-city high school students serving detention. The students are initially skeptical of Dulaine, especially when they learn what he’s there to teach them, but his unwavering commitment and dedication slowly inspire them to embrace his program. In fact, they even take it one step further and combine Dulaine’s classical dance with their unique hip-hop style and music to create a high-energy, unique fusion. As Dulaine becomes a mentor to his students, many of whom haven’t had much to strive towards in their lives, he inspires them to hone their skills for a prestigious city ballroom competition, and, in return, they share with each other valuable lessons about pride, respect and honor.

    Besides , that is one HOT scene in the first video, lol.

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