Hindu Bathing Festival is a Refugee get together

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A sea of humanity has ascended on this small town on the Indo-bangla border of Thakur badi, some 1 km to the nearest railway station Thackur nagar. Conservative estimates put the flow of people at 7 and a half lakh and above. The mela or fair is organised every year in Thakur nagar of north 24 paraganas. Wondering what all of them do here take a dip in a small tank to get rid of diseases and bad omen.

From asru exhibiti…

Being a Folklorist myself when I tried to dig into the legend involved there appeared a fabulous legend of folklore. The story is about Thakur, Harichand (1811-1877)and the Caste called Namasudras who were persecuted by the Muslims of east bengal and when in anticipation they came to west Bengal they faced persecution from Muslims as well as upper caste hindus. An upper caste Hindu himself the Thakur after whom the village and railway station are named stoop up and proclaimed that all hindus to that matter all humanity is one and there should be no discrimination whatever. He gave a mantra to fight HARI OM (Almighty the superior) along with a black stick to fight the persecutors.

From asru exhibiti…

The mela falls on his birthday thirteenth day of Falgun 1214 of the Bangla calendar. He was born to, Yashomanta Thakur, and Maithili Brahmin and a devout Vaisnava inOrakandi of kashiani upazila in gopalganj (Greater faridpur) now Bangladesh.H H Harichand’s doctrine is based on three basic principles-truth, love, and sanctity. The doctrine treats all people as equal; people are not seen according to castes or sects. Himself a Brahmin, he professed mixed with lower-caste people and treated them with the same dignity as he did other castes. This is why most of his followers believe H H Harichand to be an avatar (incarnation) of vishnu, and are from the lower strata of society. They used to affirm:Rama hari krisna hari hari gorachand. Sarba hari mile ei purna harichand (Rama is lord, Krishna is lord, lord is Chaitanyadev. But all of them make our Harichand, who is our lord.)H H Sri Sri Harichand left 12 instructions for the matuyas, known as Dvadash Ajna (Twelve Commands).

The victims of persecution Namasudras are spread all over India and on the eve of the mela they descent on this small town in lakhs if not a million. The town sees activity from the midnight of the 03rd April 2008 to 5th April and its an ocean of people everywhere chanting Haril Bol and hari Om to the drum beats and the bell beats. Its an auspicious 3 days of spirituality and naivette here in Thakur nagar of North 24 Paraganas some 70 kms to the capital Kolkata.

From asru exhibiti…

H H Harichand did not believe in asceticism; he was more of a family man; and it is from within the family that he preached the word of God. He believed that ‘Grhete thakiya yar hay bhaboday. Sei ye param sadhu janio nishchay’ (the best ascetic is he who can express his devotion to God remaining a family man). He mobilised all the neglected sects and castes and inspired them to remain true to the openness of Hinduism.

H H Sri Sri Harichand died on Wednesday 23 Falgun, the year 1284 of the Bangla calendar.

Hindu bathing festival in Gopalganj, Bangladesh

The Maha Baruni Bath Festival of the believers of the Hindu religion at village Orakandi under Kashiani upazila in Gopalganj is one of the biggest festivals in Bangladesh. The fair is organised every year marking the birth anniversary of Hindu priest Sri Sri Harichand Thakur, who was born in the village.

From asru exhibiti…

As they believe that Harichand���s residence is one of the holiest places containing holy water, thousands of pilgrims take baths in Kamona Sagar and Dudh Sagar ��� two ponds in the residence ��� on the date of his birth ���to purify them with the holy water and to be cured of their diseases.���
Thousands of pilgrims from across the country, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand attended the festival.

One thought on “Hindu Bathing Festival is a Refugee get together

  1. This is very moving to me. I love your posts, Veeru. I wish to understand more of India, and all its complex history and current cultural events. And you help me see without the filter of corporate media. Thanks. Namaste, nina

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