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I am not a very tech guy. The lazyess and don move ur ass and get everything to ur table attitude brought me to the links that I am going to write about now. Its no achievement and if any should sincerely and completely belong to my lazyness. All copyrights reserved and patented to so and so.

No while I was very interested (to be frank not very but so so) in articles written by this french guy Francois gautier and the Indian guy Arun shourie on the Indian rightwing polity, it was difficult to sit nad stare at the idiot box for hours and that too so seriously, believe me iam no serious reader.
It was the Da vinci code that made me read the whole book in a night (11:00 pm to 4:00 am) at a stretch the only oops yeah there is also this one called ANGEL and DEMONS was the first infact and (I being copy left ! whatever the political term means and I bought it on the footpath a pirated version) Do I sound a lefty no way.

Now this widget from Blogbard can convert any content into audio and even be downloaded into your own Itunes or the Ipod etc.,

Now look at the articles of Francois gautier I collected on Blogger at this link and here is the widget and I listen to them like here.

And then I was interested in the Arun shourie articles .. Copy paste all of them on blogger at and get a blogbard widget. listen to them as simple as it gets. Like I listen to them here

Now you might be wondering why only blogger. Coz i have a Gmail account which makes it easier to login at the same time as I do while checking my mail as well as blog. Second it is easy and simple to have RSS or Atom feed from Blogger supported blogs.

So happy blogging.

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