Another proud moment for India

Another Proud moment

Small is Big and this son of a ticket conductor and a Govt school educated poor boy has made India proud. While the earlier was a well equipped rich man’s son who made India proud, while not undermining the achievement of Beijing Olympics gold medallist Abhinav Bindra he was born with a silver spoon but there are several unexplored talents in the rural Indians. This one Sushil Kumar is one live example.

Sushil Kumar wins bronze for India

“Probably you may say that there was no expectation from the people back home and the media too. But me and my coach (Satpal) always knew I had a fair chance of winning a medal and I’m happy I could achieve that,” a beaming Sushil told reporters at the China Agricultural University in Beijing.

“While it is good not to have that burden of expectation on your shoulder, I think we can give even more provided we get better facilities,” said the wrestler, taking the occasion to make a point.

“I want to dedicate this medal to my coach Satpal,” said Sushil who is the current world number seven.

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