telugu film star turns Mega politician

This is one thing that I have been following with a pinch of salt. Seriously not coz I dont like him but coz of his earlier actios. A to-be-politician weeping on stage when in a fight with his collegue and te to-be disappearing in to oblivion when his dear darling daughter elopes instead of being in public and the utterly butterly stupid way he behaved and showed him stupid infront of Kalam when he came to hyd on the actor’s invitation.

But thank god I am wrong he wasnt stupid. Atleast this time he is scripted it all well …..

Chiru’s Party Flag :



Source: India glitz

The flag designed with an inspiration from nature displays red sun on white coloured background and a band of green colour at the foot.

The Sun with 24 rays on the flag symbolizes the energy source in the universe, spreading light all the 24 hours of a day. It also represents the change that is looked forward to. The yellow streak around the red sun indicates the smiles of citizens. While the green colour symbolizes the greenery of agriculture or prosperity and White represents the unity of all the castes like the colours of VIBGYOR merging in to reflect white light.

The Flag also symbolizes the 3 Main faiths White for Christianity, Red for Hinduism and Green for Islam, conveying that the party gives equal importance to all religions.

Source: Blogger friend

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