Donate to the Bihar flood victims

Donate to the Bihar flood victims


Floods in Bihar (file picture]

Please contribute to the millions drenched in the sorrow of floods in Bihar. The Kosi has taken its toll and human negligence if unattended can take a dangerous toll on the poor victims. Each rupee, dollar and wotever currency counts……

The Kosi River, sometimes called the ‘Sorrow of Bihar’, changed its course after almost two centuries following a breach in an embankment upstream in Nepal, inundating 14 districts of Bihar. Supaul district has been the worst hit followed by Madhepura, Araria and Saharsa. The Kosi River still remains untamed showing no signs of receding water levels. The first four districts were the worst affected where over 2.27 million people in 755 villages were reeling under its impact. Thousands of families have been forced to live under the open sky or on embankments, roads, rooftops and bridges waiting for help.

The most urgent succor include shelter and access to fresh water, food, emergency medical supplies and basic household items and our grass root volunteers in respective districts are engaged in providing immediate relief with the locally raised available resources. Besides, immediately aiding the rescue and relief, we desperately need your generous contributions to launch the inevitable rehabilitation plans for the flood victims.

There is an urgent need to provide relief to the suffering millions. Whilst the Indian Government is making its own efforts in rescuing people, supplying food, medication, clothing, and shelter. The magnitude of devastation is such that additional aid and resources are required urgently to help in the relief efforts.


Shri Jawahar Jha (Prant Mantri)

Vishva Hindu Parishad Office

House of Shri Kamender Chaudhari

Lane No. 1, Padav Pokhar, Aam Gola,

MUZAFFARPUR-842002 (Bihar)

Phone N0 09430242151, 09334658975

Office : 09234117456, 09431267094

Shri Anil ji

Vishva Hindu Parishad Office

C/o – Dr. S. N. Arya

W/8, Ashiyana Nagar,

Phase – 1, Near Pani Tanki,

Behind State Bank of India,

Patna – 800 025 (Bihar)

Phone – 0612 – 2584604




Keshavakrupa, 74, Rangarao Road
Shankarapuram, Chamarajapet
Bangalore – 560004
Ph. 080 26610081, 2660760

The contribution will be taken only in the form of cash (DD, Cheques etc.also ) and not in the form of kind, at this centre. The money may also the paid in the form of Cheques/ DDs/ Money Orders in favor of RSS SANCHALITA SANTRASTA PARIHARA NIDHI, Bangalore.

All contributions made here are tax exempted under 80G rule

Here are some options to support the needy:

For those in US :

For those in UK :

You can also donate online (paypal) at

They are working through their partner NGOs in the area: Sewa International, Sewa Bharati, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and some others are working together. They are serving under the banner of “BARH RAHAT SAHAYTA SAMITI” on the east side with its center at Saharsa, and “BARH PEERIT SAHAYTA SAMITI” on the west side with its headquarters at Muzaffarpur.

India Development and Relief Fund, Inc.
5821 Mossrock Drive
North Bethesda, MD 20852-3238
Phone: 1-301-704-0032



Donate online at:


To contribute online visit or send check to: P.O. Box 14622 Fremont, CA 94539 PDF version

Flood Relief operations, Bihar

( Run by RSS and like minded Organizations.)

(Updated till 11.09.2008, 8pm.)

Total affected Districts = 8

Affected villages = 877

Affected population = 25lakh Approx.

Totally disconnected villages = Approx. 700 villages

Total number of Karyakartas working in shifts = 2,000

Centers of Seva Karya = 28 centers

People reached through Seva Karya = 4lakh

Water level has come down by 5 feet on an average.

Seva Swarup :

Medical treatment – 13 Doctors team is working. Few more will join.

Lots of Medicines have been supplied. Cloths, Plastic materials for day today use, Utensils for the preparation of food etc, have been supplied.

Readymade Food packets are distributed. At camps hot and fresh food is been served.

A pocket of 2.5Kg containing 1kg Rice OR 1Kg Beaten Rice (avalakki), Aloo, Chilli, Salt and other necessary items to make a meal is distributed. They are planning to increase this bag weight to 5Kg gradually.

Activity at the Centers:

At every centre Bhaarata Maataa photo is decorated at the centre. The day begins with early morning aarti to Bhaarata Maataa, service activities gets start. There is no distress seen around the camp. No one is made to sit idle. Full of joy, activity, enthusiasm seen exists at these centres. There are Samskara Kendra’s, Stitching Centers; Food Serving Centers are running simultaneously.

Special news :

Hundreds of the Muslims are there in these rescue camps.. They denied to stay in camps run by Madarsas and other Muslim Organisations.

Poojya Swami Baba Ramdev Maharaj personally visited three Camps. He spent few hours with the affected people and Karyakartas. He was very happy about the manner in which these centers have taken work.

BBC has telecasted 90 minutes programme on these activities.

Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav searched for the the telephone number of relief camp and personally spoke. He expressed his gratitude for the Seva Work. He and his department is fully co-operating with the work, he said. He thanked all the karyakarthas involved in rescue operation.


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