In pictures: Bihar floods

In pictures: Bihar floods



Flooding in Bihar

At least 55 people have died and some two million others have fled their homes after massive floods hit India’s eastern state of Bihar, local officials say.

An aerial view of the flood-hit Madhepura in Bihar

The flooding began after the Kosi River – known as the River of Sorrow – breached its banks, sending huge waves of water through a channel it had previously abandoned.

Villagers in Bihar board boats to flee to higher ground

At least 90,000 people have been rescued, but many thousands remain stranded, officials say.

People board boats to move to relief camps in Patna District in Bihar

Rescuers are using hundreds of boats to shift people to some 100 relief camps, amid fears that water-borne disease may be spreading.

People in Bihar move with their belongings to relief camps

The central government has announced a $228m (£125m) relief package and some 125,000 tonnes of grain for those affected by the disaster.

Flooding in Bihar

Officials say the flooding is the worst in 50 years to hit the region, and there are fears that the death toll will rise further.

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