In pictures: S Asia flood relief

In pictures: S Asia flood relief



Bangladeshi women wait for aid in Manikgonj, north of the capital, Dhaka

Millions of people across South Asia are still awaiting food aid after some of the worst monsoonal floods in decades.

Villagers rush to collect air-dropped aid packages in the northern Indian state of Bihar

There have been fights over supplies as helicopters air-drop relief to flood-affected villagers.

Villagers mourn Soukhi Paswan, (70), who died at a temporary shelter in Muzaffarpur, in Bihar state, India

At least 360 people have died because of the flooding, amid shortages of food and medical aid.

Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi (L) meets flood affected villagers at a relief camp in Samastipur, in the state of Bihar, India

Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi visited the worst-hit region in India, in Bihar state.

Villagers navigate through floodwaters in the Aricha district of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s interim government has appealed to wealthy citizens and foreign nations to help with aid supplies.

A villager carries metal pitchers jugs to fetch fresh water amid flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Many are doing their best to fend for themselves, seeking fresh water where possible.

Patients are treated at the International Centre for Diarrhoea Diseases hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh, after drinking polluted water

Many people have fallen ill after drinking polluted water. Officials fear outbreaks of diarrhoea, dysentery and typhoid.

A Nepalese woman surveys the ruins of her home in Nepalgunj, south-west of Kathmandu, after it was destroyed in the floods

As water levels fall in Nepal, some are returning to their homes to find them destroyed.

women and children wait for food outside a relief camp in Keranigonj, on the outskirts of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka

Water levels are also falling in Bangladesh, but the country is still facing severe food shortages.

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