The symbol of tears and scars

The Tajmahal, a beautiful land mark in mumbai of the pride and prosperity of India will never be the same. I am praying and would never be able to understand the hatred of the millitants what so ever race /philosophy / nationality / religion they are from. Killing innocents who one has never met and do not know for no reason, the little child in the chabad house why is it being punished an orphan for rest of her life or the people at the CST railway station who do not even know more than their daily bread and butter.

Its been a harrowing ordeal for the world, brazillians, iraqis, americans, kuwaitis, australians, Indians, all nationalities from all parts of the country and world, Oh God (if something like that ever is?) why is this happening to the innocent people. So many of them so much blood shed for what and by who young boys that became monsters for what ?

Will we ever learn from all this, or are we still going to drag this further until the earth is become a hell (which more or less it is) ? So many tears, so many lost ones of the dear, who is going to atleast claim the unclaimed dead bodies charred and unidentifiable ?

Its gory its worst and its .. actually no words the anguish of the common people is visible yet the administration is no where to understanding.

Watch this discussion it reflects mine and many others anguish. (Times Now You tube in parts)

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