wid Prof neenad bedekar

I am now working on the Shivaji Exhibition and screening it in Pune. Its tough time and people all over are very unenthusiastic. The wiered thing is people had great enthu for the Aurangazeb exhibition and for their own hero they really dont have so much or is it the Terror fear that is keeping them away. I really do not know.

And with as many people working on this great king its amazing he is still some small time warrior in a maratha clan and not a pan Indian king. I wish the efforts of http://rajashivaji.com/really really click and he becomes the true hero that we really need. Atleast after the terror attacks and the indecisive govt at the center, one tends to feel so. Everytime I travelled to Jaipur from Delhi there was this question from my obvious discussing cotravelers wid me but why shivaji ….

Are you an RSS / BJP/ Shiv Sena Guy ?

I really was perplexed how a brand was unvieled on a super brand King who changed india for ever.


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