Without a place to live

Never did I feel like some refugee in my life as I feel like today. With no home and hoping from a friends place to anothers and waiting to be told I have to move to make room for him / her. It is been a turmoil of the sort. Not that I am not enjoying the situation, well I am kinda moving all the time but at the end of the day u need a place u can nearly call it as home if not nothing less than a house.

Luckily i have friends that are very good and accomodative, but that doesnt gimme the permission to go duck sit in their place. I always have been doing that whenever I was in need and my friends were no less than sweet candies.

It so happened when I applied for my US / UK/ Canada trip, the paper work was either inadequate or some technical problems and my papers are pending. My travel abroad was to be part of my volunteer experience to host History , human rights and arts exhibitions in the US / UK / Canada and FACT India (www.fact-india.com ) to whom I volunteer apart from Seva Bharathi (www.sevabharathi.org) and Vandemataram Foundation (www.vandemataramfoundation.in ) had to finance the trip. By the time I got the papers and the finances arranged, I vacated my apartment anticipating Visa papers early and here I am moving Nomad (either way my friends call me that). Never Knowing where my home or so to say place to sleep to night is! My boss says I need to get married and settle down (I didnt take his calls and annoyed him?! another sweet fella and a darling) and my friends say dont do that you end up loosing watever li’l u have?!

Apart from all this its affecting my work which is disturbing. Used to be on the roads literally working and freaking with friends travelling all over and when that basic things of wot u r r disturbed thats when i call my self a refugee / nomad. U choose to be wot u r ? but if that gets disturbed ???

Is it how it feels to not have a home ? May be even worse I see the Kashmiri Pandits (www.kashmiripandits.info )

So Feb 9th is my date with abroad and here I am with issues ………………………..

One thought on “Without a place to live

  1. sunny

    OMG -Veeru, I have been away. Your experience is disturbing to say the least -I can only imagine! God speed your progress and blessing to you and your family.


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