One thought on “Bhay ho…

  1. sunny

    Veeru, your blog posts are most informative. I must admit I am not familiar with anything about the politics in India. I am familiar with what can happen when terrorist are allowed to invade, kill and create havoc.
    Every politician claims to have the solution. A perfect example is our former president, Bush, he should have never been in office. He carried out his political agenda in the name of good and at first used his religion. I live in what they call; “The Bible Belt” it is heavily inundated with Christian Churches. You would think that would be good, however, their beliefs have caused racism, hate, and wars. Yes, this is the type of church that G.W.Bush and his family belong to. They do not really practice real Christianity. They don’t even know what it’s about.
    The Bush family has a history that dates back to association with Hitler and Nazi involvement. Long story short –his term in office almost destroyed the U.S and I’m sure many other countries as well. His term in office felt so weird. It was as if one night it was “America a free country,” then in the morning I woke up and suddenly we were not anymore. Our phones were tapped, mail to other countries was held back, our news media was being censored. Some very prominent News Castors lost their jobs because of reporting the truth. They spoke against the President, his family and the war. I had to find friends from the UK and BBC news to find out what was happening in the U.S.
    Well Veery, I didn’t mean to rant. There still are not many out here that want to hear what I have to say. Seems they are overwhelmed with all that has happened. There is so much damage to undo and repair. I thank God for our new President, Obama. He cannot be judged by his name or who raised him or how they raised him. None of us can help that. He as well as you and I can only be judged by our works, how we think and live. I’ve always tried to keep one thing in mind when choosing who I want to represent my country, that is to look at the heart of the man. It’s not the lip service. Anyone can talk big and put on a good act. But if you really look into their heart –you most likely can’t go wrong.
    I have great hope for your country –God speed Peace to all. Keep up your great writing my dear friend.

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