Nights in Rodanthe

Was watching the movie Nights in Rodanthe was wonderful how Richard gere carries the role and Diane Lane’s was a splendid portrayal of a woman caught in between. Was almost sobbing along with diana lane by the end of the movie.

It was a sensuous and romantic portrayal of the feelings of two individuals caught in their own situations. I quite liked the way it went on. To be honest I hate films with a tragic end or when the protaganist is killed, but somehow after TITANIC this is the only film i unintentionally started liking. Look at the Trailers

I know Yahoo 360 problem so I am also putting the link here.

One thought on “Nights in Rodanthe

  1. Richard Gere has come a long way with his acting. He’s not the young pretty boy anymore, he has really turned into a good actor. Great review!

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