An interesting Indian feat

Everytime there coms this riot of Indian expression of its electroral choice it amazes me, bot simply ccoz it has so much energy nd fun but it is a feat in itself.

Some amazing things that I myself get bombarded with everytime is it involves
a survey by Centre for Media Studies (CMS).

Rs. 10,000 cr or Rs 100 billion for the exercise (thats official figures)
Rs 1,300 crore (Rs 13 billion) by the Election Commission
Rs 2,000-2,500 crore (Rs 20-25 billion) “unofficial money” or cash paid to the voters
Rs 700 crore (Rs 7 billion) photo identity cards, EVMs and polling booth
Rs 1,650 crore (Rs 16.50 billion) political parties from party funds apart from candidate expend
Rs 4,350 crore (Rs 43.50 billion), Candidates of the national parties
Rs 1000 crore (Rs 10 billion) regional parties Candidates

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