Islamaphobia / just democratic exercise misunderstood?

Is it a gud development I do not know, Is it bad I cant say ! But what I can say is my Sociology professor “Events are a stream and course correction, in terms of sociological change”. But my psychological fear (looking at the enormous amount of bad news by Islamic fundamentalists) or Islamophobia if you want to call it that way is scaring me. Its good to have a diverse opinion and spectrum of ideas and ideologies but will that help ? Will that help change the way we live in the future of this planet.

Is it going to be Netherlands / Germany with seperate sharia courts or is it going to be Islamic republics like Pakistan / Afghanistan (No offence to the common man on the streets)? Shall we go down in history as the ones that let it happen ? May be i am wrong but I have the right to panic ! dont I? Looking at the consequences ….

(Source: BBC NEWS)

Muslims comprise more than 13% of India’s population and many are aggrieved that proportionately they only have about half that much representation in parliament.

More than two dozen Muslim political parties, big and small, are contesting these elections – almost double the figure of the last election.

The prominent players are the Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF), Ulema Council and Indian Peace Party in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Muslim Munettra Khazhagam in Tamil Nadu, the People’s Democratic Council in West Bengal and veterans like the Muslim League and Indian National League in Kerala, the Democratic Secular Party in Bihar and the Majlis-e Ittihad al-Muslimin in Andhra Pradesh.

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