Peace and freedom for Roxana Saberi

Roxana Saberi filming in Iran (2003)

Roxana Saberi had worked as a journalist in Iran

Was reading this piece on d BBC and was touched. A journalist Roxana Saberi detained and slapped with ridiculous charges, may be thats how the International politics work. Now thats wot they say a nice bargain, its interesting to see how the Obama for change deals with it,. Will he prove the the french prez right or will he show the world his Change and his touch to International politics. Either way it is  Roxana Saberi thats is caught in the middle.

Pray for her and blog for her. Sign up here.
Free Roxana Saberi campaign 

God save the Queen, 
Vive la France 
God Bless America
Jaya Hey 

or  peace to all

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