The hurting realities in lanka

The most dreadful foe in the recent world the LTTE has been brought to its knees. thanks to the pakistani and chinese weapons and Indian Intelligence as well as the technology.

Now after the war we obviously have to face some serious heart rendering questions the victims !

No no question marks only consolations and if not anything else atleast some donations and a touch of solace through memories of the victims and their agony. I was watching these couple of videos that came along my browsing trail. They were disturbing and some were good. i choose to put three here. You may like them and you may also not like them.

First one is this video which claims the LTTE shooting the feleeing Victims by the CNN IBN(click)

The second one is the Spiritual guru Sri Sri ravishankar visiting them on Youtube(click)

The third one is the video

One thought on “The hurting realities in lanka

  1. sunny

    The vids are very humbling to watch –especially while sitting in the comfort of my modest abode. Which is by no means elaborate, but is still much more than those war torn victims have, that realization makes me feel like it is too much.

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