my ordeal withthe AIR INDIA

Am a very impulsive fella … Had decided to fly to hyderabad from Delhi after the trial i have gone through …

Drove to the airport and bought a ticket on Kingfisher this after I tried hard in vain last night to reach hyderabad. Thats a story by itself. And probably has a story in itself. Saturday  night I drove to the airport adn found all flights to hyd gone (8: 45 pm is d last one). after some dilly dalying and some more pure luck (which turned out to b a bad one) found that an Air india flight was scheduled at 12:15 am in the mid night from the international terminal. It was a hell of a ride and after overcomming the everlasting traffick jams of delhi / gurgaon reached the airport and its another hellava hunt to find an air india counter there after the mouse hunt i reach to a small 3X2 window with 2 small holes and glasss fixture and a huge crowd waiting out, was the counter i was looking for. My turn comes after 30 min . Nope dont jump to conclusions that the staff have been so out performing, out performing they were but in driving away people customers and driving them crazy.

After initial haa yeah wot ? so ….
I slowly convinced him that boss its business and can you book me a ticket to Hyderabad? He looks at me from top to bottom and says ok stand aside .. wait till i call you.
I waited from 9pm to 11:45 n then he says sorry bosss no tickets.
Was aghast and tried telling him (lied) that I was helpless and have an emergency and need to reach hyd by morning. Requested him of some help for which he said no bosss take a chill pill.. counter closed/. Then i pick up a fight with abuses at last and he says do wotever u want (go to hell) ….
I reach home and sleep get up in the morning and  the rest I told you took a Kingfisher flight to hyd and the treatment was so good and pampering. I take an oath that i will never use a GOI run service unless otherwise.
Public sector bloody hell…

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