guinness record broken traditional style with a dose of spirituality

My brother shravan and my friends mom were one of the 1.6 lakh people that joined in chorus to break a worlkd record 70 year old. The earlier record in 1931 in germany was by a choruis of 60,000 people singing together.

Annamacharya (see wikipedia) Lakshagalarchana (worshipping annamacharya with 1 lakh chorus singing) is a wonderful idea and it really has fascinated me with the if you think volumes you may not be wholly wrong but if you think is something more than that you are wholly right.

Annamacharya is one of the several reformist bhakti (spiritual worship) movement gifts to India and Hinduism which in course of time acquired several folklore and with that several more superstitions and socially bad traditions. He like several others have reformed the religion / way of life and tried to get it rid of the untouchability and other such idiotic crippled things which came to be called as traditions.

Annammayya – Devotee of Lord Venkateswara on whose name, the eve has been organized

Laksha – 1 Lakh

Gala – “Throat” is often termed as “Galam”. Here it is used to mention the number of people that took part in the eve.

Sankeertana – Prayer offered to the God in the form of songs.

This was organized by “Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam (TTD)”, the organization that administers the World’s most popular Hindu Abode, Tirumala, in conjunction with Siliconandhra, a social welfare organization on the eve of 601th Birthday of “Annamacharya”, also called “Annammayya”, most popular Devotee of Lord Venkateswara.

Annammayya is the earliest Known musician of South India. He is a song writer and composer (Devotional). He composed as many as 32,000 Keertanas (Devotional Songs) on Lord Venkateswara.

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